Product Reviews

Our main focus is to bring you, the bride, or wedding planner, closer to accurate and informative content. This includes that we review certain products, services and methods that we and other companies provide. Our reviews are carefully considered with the reader in mind. We also hope to make it easier for our readers to decide on purchases.


Printable List of Duties for Bridesmaid

Printable List of Duties: Bridesmaid

This handy list will help the bridesmaid to figure out what exactly is expected of her on your wedding day. The printable consists of 3 pages with categories: Before the wedding day, and, On the Wedding Day.

Wedding Seating Plan, editable, printable

Wedding Seating Plan: Spreadsheet (Editable)

This is a great way to figure out who is going to sit where. It has different tables, layouts and extras. Worth checking out!

Wedding Rental Budget Spreadsheet

Wedding Rental Budget Spreadsheet

If you are getting married at a venue where most things have to be hired in, check out this handy budget. It has over 65 listed items to budget for.

Bridal Shower Checklist Printable

Printable Bridal Shower Checklist

What more will your bridesmaids need than this handy checklist to plan the bridal shower of the year!

Wedding Guest List: Spreadsheet

Wedding Guest List: Spreadsheet

Manage all of your wedding guests, RSVP’s, dietary requirements and more with this great spreadsheet!

Compare your wedding suppliers

Compare your wedding suppliers & their services

With over 40 suppliers to compare, and over 180 pages, we’d say that this is quite an investment for your wedding planning! Compare three suppliers at a time, with blank sheets for adding your own suppliers. Check it out!

Wedding Binder Dividers

It’s Art! Wedding Binder Dividers

Place these colorful dividers in your wedding binder to organize it. Contains 32 different dividers!

Printable Wedding Planner Bundle

Wedding Planner Bundle: Ice Cream & Cupcakes Theme

This colorful printable planner bundle is perfect if you love ice cream colors! With 110+ pages, it will help you plan an awesome wedding!

Wedding Planner Printables

Printable Wedding Planner Bundle

This bundle is a total ink saver! It is simple, black and white, and will help you plan a successful wedding. Contains more than 100 pages!

Wedding Budget Planner Printables

Wedding Budget Planner Kit

These printables will help you plan your wedding budget like a pro! Definitely worth checking out!

Wedding Address Book Bundle

Wedding Address Book Bundle

Struggling to keep all of your wedding contacts in place? Now you can, with these great printables! Simply print them out and place them in your wedding binder.

Calendar Bundle

Calendar Bundle Kit

This is not only for weddings, but helps a lot when you need to plan one! Includes monthly calendars, infinity calendars, and more!