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19 ways to save money on your wedding day


We are currently experiencing another penny-pinching phase when it comes to the economy, so more and more people are looking for ways to save when working out their wedding budgets. There are only so much to cut out of the budget, but what about ways to cut around the “budget cuts” (wink)? Here is a list of ways in which you can save more on your budget and to save up for your new life together…


19+ Ways to save money on your wedding


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Should you really have dessert at your wedding? You’ve got a cake! (This can go both ways)

Rather choose a nice flavor for your cake, or more than one flavor if you have a two or three-tier cake – with some nice frosting or chocolate sauce, and you have yourself some dessert!


Another way to do some dessert-budget cutting is to replace the guests wedding favors with mini cakes which they can take home. So you don’t need a big fancy wedding cake (maybe a tiny one for the cake cutting)…


1 - Serve cake as dessert or other way around
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You don’t need confetti

Or the cute paper cone it comes in.. Simply walk out before the guests during the recessional (after the ceremony), and no one will even remember they have to throw something. Or, if you feel you really need confetti in your life, make it cheap: Bubbles and sparklers are cheaper than fresh rose petals.


DIY confetti are the cheapest of them all: Simply buy some tissue paper or any paper you prefer, and a hole punch (you can get nice patterned hole punches at arts & crafts stores if you want to spend a little more). 


DIY confetti tutorial
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2 - Don't have confetti or make your own
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Eliminate the limousine (or other fancy wedding transport)…

No one notices or cares if you leave in a hot Hummer-limo with cans and streamers dangling from the back screaming “Just Married”. Besides, think of one of your guests who has a fancy BMW or something and ask if you can borrow it, if you feel you need a fancy arrival or departure. Also, most guests will be seated in the church or chapel by the time you arrive, so no one will see you get out.


3 - don't have a fancy car
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Make your own “Mr & Mrs” chair decor. Click here for a tutorial.

Never underestimate the final effect of a great Pinterest DIY. The tutorial mentions to use thin foam for the “Mr. & Mrs.” chair decor, but you can use any stable material to your liking, provided that you can cut it – remember, we are trying to save money here. So don’t go and buy unnecessary tools. On this note: you can make other decor like the table numbers and the cake topper with this same tutorial…


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4 - DIY Mr and Mrs chair decor
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Make your own backdrops

And you’re in luck! We just happen to have one of the best Pinterest boards for this. Note: yes, some of these ideas cost money, but it will surely inspire you to come up with a glorious DIY alternative. (Example, paper flowers versus real flowers for your flower wall).



5 - make your own backdrops
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If you’re having a spring wedding, why not replace your expensive wedding hair piece with a spring flower crown?

If floral crowns are not for you, why don’t you find cheaper alternatives or make your own vintage style piece with some lace, sequins and faux pearls? Time to get into touch with your creative side!


6 - Replace your expensive hair piece with a floral crown
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Hiring some expensive vases for all of your wedding flowers? Use mason jars instead. Get them here.

Yeah, we know. This trend has about 20 minutes left before its “definitely so last year”. But you have to admit, this is way cheaper than those massive vases that you’re hiring from the venue or florist… Also, you can look past the “Mason” and “Consol” labels and find that there are other types of bottles and holders that can double as vases.


7 - use mason jars instead of vases
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Or any other cheaper vase to hold your flowers…

Check what you have at home to use as decor or something to put flowers or candles in.


8 - check what you have at home that you can use
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Less is more

Replace big, extravagant, expensive flower arrangements with a single flower in a vase or bottle. Or even use branches on their own – Greenery is very in this year (2017)!


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9 - replace big flower arrangements with single flowers
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Tweak your flower bouquets

Huge flowers take up more space, so you need less of them in your bouquets or flower arrangements.


10 - use large flowers to take up more space
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Opt for cheaper or alternative flowers

Some flowers like orchids and tulips are more expensive than roses, succulents or greenery. Also, there is a goldmine full of tutorials on YouTube on how to make your own paper flowers, for example. We love sharing this tip, because we want to make it known that there are alternatives to expensive flowers. And while we’re at it, you will also start to notice an increase in “flowerless” weddings this year.


11 - opt for cheaper or alternative flowers
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Replace your flowers with greenery instead.

Use succulents, sturdy leaves or even full-on plants in your wedding decor. Greenery is the epitome of weddings in the decade of 2010! It gives a wedding a clean, fresh and modern look.


12 - use greenery instead of flowers
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Be street smart about flower purchasing

  • If you’re going to buy bulk flowers, why not buy them the day after they arrived at your local florist, or even before they close that same day? They will give you a discounted price or mark them down for sale in the shop.
  • You can also go to Multiflora, where all planners buy their flowers for weddings. And, if you really know your stuff, you can buy them at the auction at Multiflora.
  • Make sure your flowers are in season. Tulips will cost an arm an a leg during summer, because their season is winter.


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13 - be street smart when buying your flowers
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Go the off-peak route

Saturdays are the most popular days to get married on. And a Saturday in spring or summer is the ultimate peak time for weddings. Unfortunately, venues know this, and they rake in all the profits. So why not get married on a Friday or a Sunday, or even go the really off-peak route and get married in the winter? You can get up to 50% off at a venue.


14 - get married in off-peak season
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Go the second-hand route

What will you do with your wedding dress after you got married? Unless, of course, you’re the super-sentimental type who keeps anything and everything “just in case”. You’re probably not going to wear your dress or even look at it again. Why spend all this money when you can buy second-hand dresses almost anywhere? And, you don’t need to worry about the previous owner, simply take the dress to the cleaners to clean it properly, book an appointment with a seamstress (or your mother!) and it will be like new…

The same goes for things like table numbers, cake toppers, or other decor items that had to be purchased by a previous bride.


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Buy things on Sale

Bridal shops also have to get rid of their stock now and then to make space for new dresses. They may mark their dresses down significantly, because they have to get rid of it quickly. The same goes for other suppliers who need to restock shelves or make space for new items.


16 - buy things on sale
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Make your own wedding stationery

Watercolor stationery is still a trend and very easy to make. You can save a lot of money by doing this. There are many DIY posts on Pinterest with inspiration and tutorials. Also check out this lady’s channel on YouTube: Eternal Stationery.


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17 - make your own stationery
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Use bigger tables

Bigger tables for your guests at your wedding reception means you have to hire or buy less decor items and flowers, because there are less tables to decorate.


18 - use bigger tables to seat more guests which decreases the number of tables to decorate
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Save money on alcohol

You only need to serve beer and wine at the wedding. It starts to get expensive when you want fancy whiskeys and liquors and a cocktail bar. If you feel the need for a different type of drink, maybe serve a punch or a signature cocktail, which can also double as welcome drinks.


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