Submit a Feature

TWC would love to feature your wedding, or if you’re a wedding professional, we’d like to share your talent! Please read through this page before submitting anything, so that you know exactly what we’re looking for.

All submissions can be emailed to info[at] with the subject line “submit a feature”. Please add all necessary info in the email along with a Dropbox link.

What type of photos and content are we interested in?

We are looking for photos of the following:

  • Real weddings (photos of the couple, their wedding details, venue photos, moments, etc.)
  • Styled shoots and mock-setups (enough images to convey the vibe and style of the setup)
  • Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and other wedding related events (if you want to submit bachelor/ette photos, it should be family friendly and censored)
  • Proposals, engagement parties and engagement shoots
  • Work done by professionals: photographers, cake bakers, florists and floral artists, venues, wedding stylists, etc. — anyone in the wedding industry
  • DIY Wedding projects (please submit tutorial photos with step-by-step instructions)
  • Destination weddings, elopements and honeymoon photos
  • Wedding attire, fashion and dresses
  • Unique wedding ideas + fun stuff to be featured

Photo requirements:

Please make sure your photos meet the following requirements:

  • Size: at least 1500px wide and of high quality
  • A minimum of 20 and maximum of 200 high quality photos can be submitted
  • Submit files by sharing a Dropbox or Google Drive link with us via email only (no file sharing through Facebook, other platforms or email attachments). Please make sure the files are shareable and all necessary passwords are included for us to access the images
  • Photo files to be in JPG or PNG format — no zip folders, please.
  • Submitting photos require consent from the owner of the original photos — this will be the photographer in most cases. If you are the photographer, please add all necessary info and contact details/social media/website in your email. If you’re the couple, or another industry pro, please make sure to include the photographer’s details if one was used. Without this info, content cannot be submitted on our website, because we need to give due credit
  • Some photos may be resized to Pinterest pin sizes when added to our posts, if they aren’t already at a 2:3 ratio. This is so that our content can be shareworthy.

Additional info to add in your submission

When emailing your submission, add a few of the following details (we’d love as much info as possible, so that we can do a beautiful feature, or use your images in our valuable content):

  • For real weddings: include a paragraph or two about how the couple’s names, how they met/their “love story”, or something about them that makes the wedding extra special. Provide any extra details you want to, so that we can include it in the feature
  • For other events such as bridal showers, add any additional info you feel we should know
  • For styled shoots and mock-setups we require a full list of all the vendors (+ their website/social media) who took part in the planning and execution of the styled shoot, the inspiration/story behind the shoot, and so on.
  • When submitting other photos, be sure to describe the image(s) and/or items in the image. Example: If you submit a few photos of a wedding cake, you can provide info on the flavor, style, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Can I share my photos with other blogs/magazines?

We aim to provide new and exclusive content to our readers. We’d like to get our hands on photos that haven’t been shared on other publications before. However, other photos not submitted, but from the same event can be sent to us, along with the link to the website where previous photos were submitted.


We encourage all vendors to share their own work on their website/blog/social media. If this is the case, you can happily share the same photos with us.

Will my work be published, and when?

We aim to bring professional, high quality content to our readers, so we expect high quality submissions. Each category has their own criteria to be met, so not all submissions will be published.


Also note that certain images will be used in different blog posts on our site if we feel it matches the topic. Credit will always be given where due (that is why we need the photographer’s contact info/link to website/social media).


We will do our best to respond to all submissions where we can. Please check back regularly on the blog if your work has been used in a post or published as a full feature.

For any additional inquiries regarding the submission of photos, please fill in our contact form with the subject line “submit a feature” (or email us at the address provided at the top of this page).

A final important note

By submitting any photos to us, you confirm that you have the right to do so, and will provide any additional info we may require if we want to use these photos on our website. 

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