The founding of The Wedding Club

The Wedding Club was started in October, 2016, when the team realized that there are still so many gaps when brides need help to plan their own weddings. We have encountered many brides, as customers and on social media, who struggle to find the right information when planning their own wedding. We also noticed that brides all have the same issues when it comes to planning their own weddings. The top three being: how expensive everything is, how difficult it is to find trustworthy suppliers and vendors, and, how to avoid conflict between family and friends. Luckily, we offer more advice in other areas of your wedding planning as well. We’d like to include a wide array of topics when it comes to weddings.

The team also noticed that new wedding planners struggle to get ahead in the game when there are so little access to helpful information. Brides, and new wedding planners alike, face the same challenges today because of the very competitive, expensive and massive industry. It is challenging when you have to make a name for yourself when you are new in the industry. We aim to help new wedding planners wherever we can, with advice, guidance and references.

What services will you find at The Wedding Club?

We are expanding our treasure chest of information and advice on a weekly basis. The bride will find so many articles and guidance here, that she shouldn’t need to look for information elsewhere.

The Wedding Club also launched its own Etsy shop, where brides and wedding planners will find the prettiest and most helpful printables and digital products on the market.

As we expand into the empire we hope to pursue, we will add so much more to offer!

Is The Wedding Club a place where you’d want to hang out?

If you are a new bride who want to plan your own wedding, then you should definitely stick around! You will already find many articles and reviews which are helpful, and more are coming your way.

New wedding planners in the industry are most welcome: you will find many helpful articles and advice here, and make sure to go visit our Etsy shop for useful digital products and a printable or two!

What does the future hold for The Wedding Club?

Everyone can look forward to expansions to our database of knowledge and guidance, as well as our Etsy shop. We are also looking forward to expanding our services toward people in the industry and to the beautiful bride! These services will include courses for brides and wedding planners – both visual and audio.

We also hope to introduce a new range of printable wedding planners, and some newly created lifestyle planners.

Already, we are offering wedding planning guidance through our awesome collection of articles, which we are expanding on a regular basis. Of you need more guidance in planning your, or someone else’s wedding, why not check out our Etsy shop for some valuable worksheets, checklists, and the likes.


Support us!

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From the Wedding Club Team, we would like to wish every bride a beautiful journey towards the most special day in her life. And to every wedding planner who knows how hard we have to work in this competitive industry, we say good luck on achieving your success!


About Tanya…

Tanya Viljoen is the owner and founder of The Wedding Club. She started her first career as a qualified primary school teacher in Pretoria, South Africa, while completing a course in Advanced Wedding Planning & Styling. After completing her service year to the government, she decided to change careers and ventured into the wedding industry. With a strong background in computer and design skills, it is her passion to create an online wedding magazine!

“The challenging part was defining the perfect niche for our online business, because I like to help and assist everyone wherever I can. That is why we chose brides who plan their own weddings, and new wedding planners who need help in the industry.”