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42+ Adorable wedding favors and gifts for the kitchen

It's a known fact that the kitchen is seen as the heart of every home, and rightly so. That is why adorable (and affordable!) wedding favors and gifts for the kitchen is definitely the right way to go when deciding how to thank your wedding guests.

Most people love to eat, drink and socialize, so anything that can indulge the senses or make kitchen entertainment easier, is a good choice.

I’ve decided, as a renegade foodie myself, that this post about wedding favors for the kitchen should definitely happen right now! Why? Because in this point in time, people are realizing the value of good company and great food. Enjoy the collection!

42+ adorable wedding favors for the kitchen - the wedding club

Cooking + Serving

Your wedding guests do not have to be aspiring Michelin star chefs (or maybe some of them are…), but people need to eat. Giving them a wedding favor for the kitchen that will help them with cooking, or simply to entertain them while they’re making their dinner, is always a good idea.

Also, remember that there will be plenty of couples at your wedding, so you can always do gender specific wedding favors for the kitchen for each table if you like. If you want to give cute, personalized spatulas as wedding favors for her, opt for giving something more masculine to the men, like bottle openers for example.

1. You know how you constantly have to measure things, like your daily dose of collagen powder? Well, your wedding guests know that feeling as well...

This cutesy 4 piece heart-shaped measuring spoon set is available from Shein for only $3 per set.

Shein is one of the more trustworthy online shops with great customer service and hundreds of thousands of products. I love ordering from them!

2. ...or how you need to measure exactly the right amount of cocoa powder for your microwave mug cake, right? Your wedding guests have this challenge, too...

This pretty black & rose gold 8 piece measuring set is also available from Shein, and at the price tag of $8, it’s still worth the money. It even makes a great thank you gift for anyone in the wedding party who loves to cook. Also, it comes in pink, grey and mint… Lovely!

3. Make your guests' homes trendy and give them these sushi sets - who knows, they might invite you over after the wedding for an evening of sushi-making fun!

To make sushi, you’ll need the right tools, and that’s what makes this 9 piece chopsticks and sushi-making tool set so perfect! $8 from Shein…

4. An engraved spatula for guests who love to cook is a really great wedding favor for the kitchen! Wrap it with ribbon and add a 'thank you' tag...

Why write cards when you can do something exceptional and unexpected that your guests will totally love? This engraved spatula is available from RusticLoveandWood on Etsy. Get it from $2.99 a piece.

Barware + Bar Accessories

Barware and accessories are always great tools to have on hand when entertaining guests in your home. These types of wedding favors for the kitchen and bar can be specially handpicked and even personalized to give that extra touch. Anything from bottle openers to wine stoppers can be given as wedding favors, and there is a wide range to choose from. I especially love the unique ones, like an ampersand/word bottle opener, or a useful two-in-one type of item.

5. Nothing like a statement bottle opener for when your fancy friends come over for a few.

How gorgeous is this rose gold deer bottle opener?! I’ve found this one on Shein for $3, and I’m considering getting one for myself as well…

6. Most people love travelling, so air planes are a great addition to any guest's collection, especially if it gets to open bottles, too.

I have found this really pretty aircraft shaped bottle opener on Shein for $3.

7. This wedding favor will fit really well into a leather wallet, don't you think?

Card shaped bottle openers have been around for some time, but why not make it look authentic with an original ace of spades design? This design comes in silver as well, and is available on Shein for $1.

8. Add some tropical flair into the mix...

How nice are these pineapple bottle openers to give as wedding favors to those who enjoy the lighter, fun side of life? You can get them for $2 each from Shein.

9. There's something whimsical about a rose gold key, and it goes really well with most wedding themes...

This rose gold key bottle opener from GreatFindsCrafts on Etsy comes with a tag and chain as well. Get 50 pieces for $38.99.

10. I simply adore this "hunt is over" stag bottle opener. It's rustic, yet elegant and makes a really fitting unisex wedding favor.

Get the stag bottle opener with free tags from Clemensaurus on Etsy for $4.99 each.

11. More keys, I like it! These come at random designs, but you can let the seller know if there is a specific design or style that you like...

These rose gold keys are available from Clemensaurus on Etsy as well, and prices start from $4.99 each.

Organizing the Kitchen

You don’t have to necessarily give something for the specific purpose of organizing the kitchen, but think about how the wedding favor for the kitchen can be used after the wedding. For example, giving magnets, so that important memos can be pinned to the fridge, or, giving jars and containers filled with edible gifts, which can be used afterwards to store spices and pantry items.

12. With the rise of the Home Edit empire, and our current obsession with organizing our homes to look like a store, give your guests something to start their pantry collection with... Fill it up with edible goodies!

These clear food storage jars can hold all the small quantity things in your guests’ homes afterwards, plus you can fill them with candy, nuts, seeds, and even coffee! Available from Shein for $2 a piece.

Setting the Table

Most of your wedding guests will set out a table when entertaining people in their home, so why not give them a suitable wedding favor to help decorate the table with? Cutesy items like matching salt and pepper shakers, or coasters that will complete the look. Think of practical items, and also consider things that can be personalized to make it extra special. 

13. Recently, we've all become really aware of what we touch, especially in restaurants and eateries. Show you care by giving a more sanitary kind of wedding favor...

This might be on the more obscure side of wedding favor ideas, but guests will appreciate having something they can use wherever they feel the need to. This 3 piece stainless steel straw set comes with a cleaning brush and a case. Also, let’s save the planet, one metal straw at a time! Get it for $4 from Shein.

14. Your wedding favors are allowed to match your color scheme, and what better way to show this than these pretty metal chopsticks with colored handles?

Besides it being something trendy, it also saves the environment by limiting the use of disposable chopsticks. Win-win! Get 4 pairs of multiple colored stainless steel chopsticks for $3 from Shein.

15. Make it personal with these wonderful custom coasters I've found on Etsy - and they are reasonably priced, too! Yay!

These personalized coasters are made from cork with a nice glossy surface. They are made by GiftIdeasShop on Etsy, and go for $1.35 a piece.

16. Speaking of environmentally friendly, why not opt for a foldable cutlery set that fits most handbags, and work lunchboxes. These come in various colors, too, and is super useful!

Get this foldable cutlery set for $2 from Shein – it also comes in yellow, burnt orange, blue and cadet blue. 

17. Give pretty cutlery sets as wedding favors to your wedding guests, especially if there are mostly couples and families - make sure the venue provides another set that everyone can eat with at your wedding reception.

I just love this trendy 4 piece stainless steel cutlery set from Shein. It comes in 6 color options (including plain gold or silver), and goes for $6 a set.

18. Sugar spoons are a really great wedding favor for tea lovers - just make sure you include something for the coffee lovers, too.

How adorable are these stainless steel heart spoons from Shein?! They come in gold and silver, and are available at $3 for 4 spoons.

19. Compliment your wedding tables with these beautifully engraved coasters from PagrageShop on Etsy - any guest would love to have these as keepsake wedding favors!

I love these engraved coasters from PagrageShop on Etsy, because they will look so nice at your wedding reception. Get them from $0.79 a piece.

20. These are great for wedding favors, they double as guest seating allocation and your guests can take them home to use on their own tables as well.

These gorgeous rose gold mirrored names are available in so many fonts. Get them from FranJohnsonHouse on Etsy, for $1.87 each.

Drinkware + Accessories

Drinkware and accessories are popular gifts for wedding favors for the kitchen, and can be used over and over again. The possibilities are endless as more beautiful ceramic and glass items are entering the market. I especially love personalized glassware, and have listed some of my favorites here. You can also give accessories, such as tea infusers, cup holders and coasters (see the previous section).

21. Speaking of tea lovers, giving a tea infuser as a wedding favor for the kitchen is a great keepsake, especially if its a cute shape...

This moon shaped tea infuser is something I need to order for myself as well! It’s available at $4 from Shein.

22. Heart shaped tea infusers not only make a great wedding favor for the kitchen, but also shows the love on your wedding day...

…or this beautiful love heart shaped tea infuser, also available at Shein for $4.

23. And, if you're really feeling the tea lover vibes at your wedding, why not give them a tea leaf strainer in a beautiful shape?

This wedding favor is perfect for any tea or coffee lover! The gorgeous leaf shaped strainer is available from Shein for $3.

24. I've mentioned the cute sugar spoons for tea lovers at #, and here are some more!

More sugar spoons! Yay! This pretty 4 piece plant design set goes for $6 from Shein.

25. Keep that drink cold with these wedding cozies in gorgeous colors! Cozies are a good wedding favor for any kitchen and home bar, and is quite popular at weddings because you can order them in your wedding colors!

LoveMiaCo on Etsy specializes in favors and gifting for special occassions, and these colored cozies/coolers are perfect for wedding favors! Get them for $3.50 each.

26. Is there something such as a classy, sophisticated shot glass? Yes! Here it is!

This type of wedding favor is perfectly suited for wedding guests who like a shooter every now and then. You can buy these shot glasses in a set of 24 for $51.01, available from CustomDesignByLexi on Etsy.

27. Yes, I know this one is on the pricier side, but I wanted to include it in this list for those fortunate brides with unlimited wedding budgets who can splurge on wedding favors, plus it is also as a great wedding party gift idea!

There’s just something super special about these wrap around illustrated camping mugs. You can also choose between a black or silver rim. Get it for $21.99 from ModishOutdoors on Etsy. Like I mentioned, they make great wedding party gifts as well.

Linen Favors

Beautifully embroidered or patterned linen (such as tablecloths, tea towels, napkins, etc.) make perfect wedding favors for the kitchen, because you can incorporate it into your wedding decor as well if you want to. If you have a specific style, such as floral elements at your wedding, then you can give floral napkins or tea towels as gifts. Don’t forget about the guys that will attend your wedding: think about things they can use at the BBQ or grill (see next section).

28. Linen placemats can easily be incorporated into your wedding theme and compliment your table decor - lay them flat underneath the plates, or roll them up and tie it with a piece of string with a thank you card.

These pretty fruit print placemats are sent at random, and cost $3 for one. However, you might be able to reach out to Shein and ask for a certain quantity in a specific design.

29. These geometric linen placemats will also work as decor on your wedding tables, and you can also roll them up and add a nice little 'thank you' card.

I have a thing for geometric! If you do too, then you’ll love these linen placemats from Shein for $3 a piece – you can choose the designs you want from the website.

Grilling + BBQ

I though I’d include this section here as well, because technically it will be part of the kitchen… because, you know… food. Wedding favors for the grill and BBQ will be quite popular with the men at the wedding, and kudos if you can give them something they can use every other weekend when having friends over for a game. These make great wedding favors for small weddings, where you can splurge a little more on items for your wedding guests or the bridal party.

30. This is more for the men, but a useful wedding favor for each man is a grilling mat - you can also roll it up and add a card, and if it fits your budget, add a bottle of BBQ-spice, too.

If you’re doing different gifts for the men and women at your wedding, then this non-stick barbeque mat is a great wedding favor for the grillmasters! Buy it for $3 a piece from Shein.

Edible wedding favors

When you don’t know which favors to give, the best wedding favors at a wedding are edible ones. Guests will always take these home, and if they don’t, someone else will. The options really are endless here, and you can personalize your packaging with stickers and ribbon of you want to. See the next section on packaging ideas for your wedding favors.

31. Fancy lollipops aren't just for birthdays and bridal showers. Bonus points if you choose one that fits in with your wedding style!

Dabarada on Etsy takes great care with their lollipops, and everything the make looks so yummy and beautiful. Order them from $2.80 each.

32. ...more lickable goodness that will compliment your wedding reception...

I love these garden design lollipops, and it’s so perfect for a spring wedding. Get them in packs of 6 or 12, from LaughingForest on Etsy for $30.

33. Make it even more special with personalized lollipops...

Fanushome on Etsy makes these personalized lollipops with names and various flavors to choose from. Order it for $3.50 each. Make sure to fill in your details and name in the notes section when placing an order.

34. Something edible for the celestial wedding theme...

If you’re going to add celestial or galaxy elements to your wedding, why not give these galaxy lollipops as wedding favors to your guests? They are so pretty! It’s available from SparkoSweets on Etsy in a box of 10 for $32.99

35. Everything is better with chocolate, including your wedding favors!

Giving chocolate as wedding favors for your guests is always a winner – and you can bet that nothing will be left behind or end up in the junk drawer at home.. Make it personal, like these custom chocolates from SmileBoutiqueStore on Etsy – $48.06 for 25, and a metal tin as a gift!

36. Something for the love bugs!

How cute are these love bug bags (with or without candy) from LilLoveBugsEvents on Etsy?! Fill them up with sour worms, gummy snakes or any edible bug sweets you can get your hands on, or select the “with candy” option when buying them so that the seller can fill them for you! Nifty! Starts from $12.00

37. Add some detail with stickers, like these his & her favorites!

These his & her favorite stickers are available with or without the bags (candy/nuts not included), from ClementineWeddings on Etsy. Prices start from $9 for 30 stickers, and $12 for 30 stickers and bags.

38. It's normal to get thirsty at a wedding, especially after a sunny ceremony, or after showing your moves on the dancefloor...

The personalized rose gold stickers for water bottles (not included) will make a nice addition to your wedding tables. Get them from LabelsRUs on Etsy. Prices start from $19,95, depending on quantities and proofing of design.

Packaging ideas for your wedding favors

Don’t forget about presentation! To present your pretty wedding favors for the kitchen, you can use anything from boxes to jars and cellophane packets to make it all come together. Try to find colors and themes that will match with your wedding style, and add a ribbon if you like. Personalized packaging will also make your wedding favors extra special, and will remind your guests about this day whenever they see that jar or tiny box. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this — and also keep your budget in mind.

39. It's a hamster ball! Just kidding... These clear round balls are great for wedding favors and will look pretty on your reception tables, too. Of course, you can also add cake to them if your want...

These clear round cake balls can be filled with anything you want to give as a wedding favor. They come in packs of 10 for $13 from Shein.

40. Add a cute tag to your wedding favor boxes or packaging - these are great for those handmade wedding favors!

If you’re giving handmade or home baked gifts as wedding favors, why not add these cute “made with love” tags to your packaging? They are $3 for 100 pieces, from Shein.

41. If you want to add more fancy packaging to your wedding tables, opt for a box and bag set like this marbled one from Shein.

This 3pc marble pattern git box is available from Shein for $3.50.

42. Speaking of marbled, why not add small gift bags to your guests' table seating - these are great for wedding favors and add a colorful touch to your reception.

I love these marbled gift bags from Shein, because it will add some color to your wedding tables. Get 4 bags for $7.

43. Why not go all glam and Instagram-worthy with pretty boxes with satin ribbon? I've found this box to be one of my favorites for any event, even the bridal shower!

This pink box is perfect for your bridal shower favors, too. Add some glam to your wedding event by getting these from Shein and filling them up with candy, nuts or nougat. Goes for $2 a piece, ribbon included.

44. "Rustic" is still around as a favorite wedding style for many brides, and you can easily compliment the look with craft paper and brown boxes, like this one...

If you’re going for the rustic wedding look, with burlap, proteas and succulents, then these craft paper boxes with tags will compliment your style. Get them from Shein for $4 for 10, tags and twine included.

45. Add a sticker in stead of a thank you tag to smaller wedding favors or packaging with flat edges.

Stickers are so convenient, because you can simply, well, “stick ’em”! These thank you stickers are $2 for the roll (500 stickers, about 1 inch in size) from Shein.

46. It can be as simple as a watercolor 'thank you' sticker, for a more minimalist look.

Here is another roll of stickers for you! There are various options available, but I like these watercolor thank you stickers best. It costs $3 for the entire roll, from Shein. (This roll is smaller than the previous one mentioned, so I would order extra just in case).

7 Tips for choosing wedding favors for the kitchen

1. Choose something useful to give to wedding guests

Useful wedding favors will rarely get left behind. So make sure that you give your guests something that won’t end up on the mantelpiece, or worse, in the trash.

2. Stick to your budget

Your budget is the most important key to ensure that your wedding is successful, and that you don’t end up with a lot of debt afterwards. In fact, it’s so important that it is one of the first things I designed for brides to help them create their wedding budget from scratch. View the printable wedding budget planner and tracker for brides over here if you still need to set yours up.

3. When in doubt, go with something edible

If you are really clueless about what to give as wedding favors, the best option is to go with something they can eat (or drink). Anything from sweets to snacks, and hot chocolate mixes will fill your guests’ hearts with joy — and I can guarantee that no wedding favor will get left behind.

4. Personalized is always a good idea

It just makes the wedding favor extra special if you add a custom thank you note, or your names and the wedding date to the item. Also, to save some money, add each guests’ name to their wedding favor to double as their place cards for when they need to find their seat.

5. Check expiry dates

A side note on giving edible wedding favors: always check the expiry date! If your wedding is only a few months later, rather buy/make your edible favors closer to the big day to ensure a longer shelf life.

6. Package for perfection

It’s a great idea to choose wedding favor packaging that will go with your wedding look and style at the reception. If you use a specific color palette, why not buy ribbon in that color, or specific colored boxes. You can also add a glam factor to your tables with glitter or metallic pouches or boxes.

7. Be creative and unique

Your wedding guests will appreciate the wow factor you bring to your wedding reception if you deciding on giving something different than “the usual”. You can give unique gifts with creative packaging if you feel like it — it’s your wedding! If you want to write a special note for each guest and add it to their wedding favor, do it! If each favor’s packaging is a different color of your wedding palette, then make it so. You can do anything you like, as it really is the thought that counts.

by Tanya Guilfoyle

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya has been an active contributor and planner in the wedding industry since 2016. When not writing useful content for brides and wedding professionals, she can be found designing templates for her Etsy shop, TWCprintables