It's a known fact that the kitchen is seen as the heart of every home, and rightly so. That is why adorable (and affordable!) wedding favors and gifts for the kitchen is definitely the right way to go when deciding how to thank your wedding guests.

written by Tanya Viljoen

42+ Adorable wedding favors and gifts for the kitchen

Most people love to eat, drink and socialize, so anything that can indulge the senses or make kitchen entertainment easier, is a good choice.

I’ve decided, as a renegade foodie myself, that this post should definitely happen right now! Why? Because in this point in time, people are realizing the value of good company and great food. Enjoy the collection, and check out the end of this post for some helpful tips and frequently asked questions.

Cooking & Serving

Your wedding guests do not have to be aspiring Michelin star chefs (or maybe some of them are…), but people need to eat. Giving them a favor that will help them with cooking, or simply to entertain them while they’re making their dinner, is always a good idea.


Also, remember that there will be plenty of couples at your wedding, so you can always do gender specific gifts for each table if you like. If you want to give cute, personalized spatulas as wedding favors for her, opt for giving something more masculine to the men, like bottle openers for example.

Personalized Wooden Spoon

perfect for home cooking

Citrus Spreader Set

perfect for a summer wedding!

Mini Honey Pot Favors

adorable and practical!

Barware & Bar Accessories

Barware and accessories are always great tools to have on hand when entertaining guests in your home. These types of wedding favors can be specially handpicked and even personalized to give that extra touch. Anything from bottle openers to wine stoppers can be given as wedding favors, and there is a wide range to choose from. I especially love the unique ones, like an ampersand/word bottle opener, or a useful two-in-one type of item.

Organizing the Kitchen

You don’t have to necessarily give something for the specific purpose of organizing the kitchen, but think about how the wedding favor can be used after the wedding. For example, giving magnets, so that important memos can be pinned to the fridge, or, giving jars and containers filled with edible gifts, which can be used afterwards to store spices and pantry items.

Setting the Table

Most of your wedding guests will set out a table when entertaining people in their home, so why not give them something to help decorate the table with? Cutesy items like matching salt and pepper shakers, or coasters that will complete the look. Think of practical items, and also consider things that can be personalized to make it extra special. 

Drinkware & Accessories

Drinkware and accessories are popular gifts for wedding favors, and can be used in the kitchen over and over again. The possibilities are endless as more beautiful ceramic and glass items are entering the market. I especially love personalized glassware, and have listed some of my favorites here. You can also give accessories, such as tea infusers, cup holders and coasters (see the previous section).

Linen Favors

Beautifully embroidered or patterned linen for the kitchen (such as tablecloths, tea towels, etc) make perfect wedding favors, because you can incorporate it into your wedding decor as well if you want to. If you have a specific style, such as floral elements, at your wedding then you can give floral napkins or tea towels as gifts. Don’t forget about the guys that will attend your wedding: think about things they can use at the bbq or grill (see next section).

Grilling & BBQ

I though I’d include this section here as well, because technically it will be part of the kitchen… because, you know… food. Wedding favors for the grill and bqq will be quite popular with the men at the wedding, and kudos if you can give them something they can use every other weekend when having friends over for a game. These make great wedding favors for small weddings, where you can splurge a little more on items for your wedding guests or the bridal party.

Personalized Matches

different matchbox styles available

Personalized Cutting Board

great gift for small weddings

Personalized Mr. & Mrs. Aprons

Another favor idea for small weddings!

Edible wedding favors

The best wedding favors to give at a wedding are edible ones. Guests will always take these home, and if they don’t, someone else will. The options really are endless here, and you can personalize your packaging with stickers and ribbon of you want to. See the next section on packaging ideas for your wedding favors.

Wedding Hershey's Kisses

personalized + 11 colors to choose from

Personalized Caramel Favors

original / sea salt flavor

Champagne Gummy Bear Packets

personalized + non-alcoholic

Maple Syrup Favors

perfect for a fall wedding!

Mini Oil and Vinegar Bottles

various flavors and options

Personalized Tea Tin Favor

multiple designs + colors

Custom Macarons

colors + flavors + custom messaging

Packaging ideas for your wedding favors

Don’t forget about presentation! You can use anything from boxes to jars and cellophane packets for your wedding favors. Try to find colors and themes that will match with your wedding style, and add a ribbon if you like. Personalized packaging will also make your gifts extra special, and will remind your wedding guests about this day whenever they see that jar or tiny box. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this — and also keep your budget in mind.

7 Tips for choosing wedding favors for the kitchen

1. Choose something useful to give to wedding guests

Useful wedding favors will rarely get left behind. So make sure that you give your guests something that won’t end up on the mantelpiece, or worse, in the trash.

2. Stick to your budget

Your budget is the most important key to ensure that your wedding is successful, and that you don’t end up with a lot of debt afterwards. In fact, it’s so important that it is one of the first things I designed for brides to help them create their wedding budget from scratch. View the printable wedding budget planner and tracker for brides over here if you still need to set yours up.

3. When in doubt, go with something edible

If you are really clueless about what to give as wedding favors, the best option is to go with something they can eat (or drink). Anything from sweets to snacks, and hot chocolate mixes will fill your guests’ hearts with joy — and I can guarantee that no wedding favor will get left behind.

4. Personalized is always a good idea

It just makes the wedding favor extra special if you add a custom thank you note, or your names and the wedding date to the item. Also, to save some money, add each guests’ name to their wedding favor to double as their place cards for when they need to find their seat.

5. Check expiry dates

A side note on giving edible wedding favors: always check the expiry date! If your wedding is only a few months later, rather buy/make your edible favors closer to the big day to ensure a longer shelf life.

6. Package for perfection

It’s a great idea to choose wedding favor packaging that will go with your wedding look and style at the reception. If you use a specific color palette, why not buy ribbon in that color, or specific colored boxes. You can also add a glam factor to your tables with glitter or metallic pouches or boxes.

7. Be creative and unique

Your wedding guests will appreciate the wow factor you bring to your wedding reception if you deciding on giving something different than “the usual”. You can give unique gifts with creative packaging if you feel like it — it’s your wedding! If you want to write a special note for each guest and add it to their wedding favor, do it! If each favor’s packaging is a different color of your wedding palette, then make it so. You can do anything you like, as it really is the thought that counts.

People also ask these questions about wedding favors:

  • How do you make cheap wedding favors?

    There are literally a gazillion different DIY wedding ideas on the interent (not to mention Pinterest). If you want to make cheap wedding favors, you will need cheap or affordable items to make it with, otherwise it will end up to be more expensive than just buying the completed items. Do proper research on supplies and work out how much it will cost per guest.

  • How much should you spend on wedding favors?

    It all depends on your wedding budget, but the average cost of wedding favors are anything between $2 to $5 per item, which is how much you should spend. However, for larger wedding budgets, brides choose gifts for as much as $15-$20 a favor. Don't forget to factor packaging and tags into the price of each favor.

  • What can I put in small jars for wedding favors?

    Small jars, wrapped with a ribbon and a thank you tag make great wedding favors. You can put anything from small sweets and candy, nuts and seed mixes, to loose tea leaves, coffee and spices in these small jars. Honey and jam also make great edible favors to take home and look super cute in small jars.

  • Is it OK to not have wedding favors?

    Giving wedding favors to guests is a tradition. And traditions tend to fall away when it comes to new age weddings. The decision is up to you: some might argue that it is OK to not give anything, because the already get a night out with a free dinner, but wedding favors are truly a formality to thank each wedding guest for coming. At the very least, you can write personalized notes for each guest, or thank them in person, which will cost much less.

  • Do you give wedding favors to each guest?

    Yes. Each guest gets their own wedding favor, because they are all individuals who decided to come to your wedding — with the exception of babies, and maybe children, of course. What you can do, however, is to give a favor to each couple, especially if it is a set of something, like salt and pepper shakers, for example.

  • What do you write on wedding favors?

    You can write something as simple as "thank you for attending our special day" on each wedding favor tag, or, you can personalize each one with their name and a small note if you like. 

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