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14 Easy and super fun Bridal Shower Games + FREE Printables

Stuck on ideas for games and activities at the bridal shower? Here are some easy, fun, and free games!
14 Easy and super fun Bridal Shower Games + FREE Printables

We all know about this little tradition at bridal showers where the guests play games, along with the bride-to-be.

But it can be such a hassle to come up with new and interesting game ideas. Pile this onto the stressful task of organizing an unforgettable shower, and you might feel overwhelmed in an instant!

Don’t worry, we are here to help! We have compiled a great list of easy and super fun bridal shower games that will make your event the best one of the year!

14 Easy and super fun Bridal Shower Games + FREE Printables

Besides having games where you’ll possibly need props and so on, you can also download some fun, printables games to keep your guests busy. 

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    Ice Breaker Bridal Shower Games

    These games are known as “ice breakers” because they are an excellent way for guests to get to know each other. Start with these games, as they will also help guests relax and get involved.

    1. The Toilet Paper Game

    This is our favorite go-to game to start off the celebrations. It helps your guests to get to know each other and have some laughs and fun along the way.

    What you need

    A roll of toilet paper

    How it works

    1. The most important thing here is that NO ONE SHOULD KNOW WHAT THE TOILET PAPER IS FOR!
    1. Let all of your guests sit in a large circle or around a big table. Then, simply pass the roll around and tell your guests to take some toilet paper. (You will notice that some take a little bit of it, and others take massive wads of paper). Guests will also ask what it’s for, and all you need to tell them is “I’ll tell you once everyone has gotten their piece of loo roll”…
    1. Here comes the fun part: For each square of toilet paper, your guests should tell something about themselves to the others. For instance, if you took 10 squares, you need to say 10 things about yourself.

    Tips for the toilet paper game

    • Guide guests with questions if they don’t know what to say about themselves.
    • This game can be time-consuming if played with a lot of guests – you can make guests nominate each other after their turn, or give further instructions such as “tear three blocks away from your piece of toilet paper” and so on…

    2. The Prompt and Hat Game (free printable)

     This is a well-known game for some of us who have attended a few showers. It is a great way to make the bride-to-be the center of attention since the day really is all about her…

    What you need

    • A hat, non-visible bag, or large bowl
    • Paper strips (or use our printable)

    How it works

    1. Write a prompt or action on each piece of paper strip, and fold it up as small as possible. Toss it all into the hat or bag that you will use during the game.
    1. The bride pulls a piece of paper from the hat and then performs whatever is written on it. For example, water a plant – then she should actually water a plant.

    Tips for the Prompt and Hat Game

    • Keep the actions/instructions short and simple
    • Take photos of each action the bride carries out for a bridal shower album on Facebook
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    Download the "Prompts + Hat Game" printable...

    Instructions: Simply print out the page, cut the strips up, and toss it all into a hat or bag.

    3. Coming Prepared

    This is a new twist on the old “dressing up” of the bride-to-be. Instead of going out and buying a ton of things for the bride to put on, i.e. a veil, gloves, wings, and a huge sash… Ask the guests to each bring something that the bride should wear at the bridal shower. It will be so much fun to dress her up!

    What you need

    Guests each bring an item for the bride to wear on her bridal shower

    How it works

    1. Ask each guest to bring an item to dress the bride up with. It can be something for her hair, a sash, or maybe some chunky jewelry.
    2. As each guest greets her when she arrives, they put the item they brought with on her.

    Tips for this activity

    • Organize guests by giving them guidelines on what to bring for the bride – chunky jewelry such as cheap, beaded necklaces work well.
    • You can turn this into another game by letting the bride take off each item from a guest at the end of the day, after she has asked them a question, or by answering a question correctly from each guest.

    Guessing Games

    These games are a great way for the bride to keep busy – which is what you want at any bridal shower.

    4. Guess Who Bridal Shower Game

    In this classic game, the bride simply guesses which gift is from who. Remember to instruct your guests to not add their names or a card to each gift – you can provide a card box for those who want to give cards, vouchers or cash.

    guess who bridal shower game - bridal shower games - the wedding club

    5. Guess the Gift

    The bride guesses what each wrapped gift contains – she gets 3 guesses and has to put it back unopened if she can’t guess the gift. Then move on to the next one.

    (You can also make the game more interesting by adding “lifelines” for the bride to use, i.e. “Phone a friend” – someone she nominates to help her guess the gift, etc.)

    Answer Questions + Nominate

    6. Questions about the Bride + Free Printable

    Help the bridal shower guests get to know the bride even better by letting them fill in a questionnaire about her. You can make this game even more fun by personalizing it with her favorite things. Guests can fill in questions, or you can let them circle correct answers, too! Afterward, go through the questions and let the bride answer them, to see who got it right.

    Download the "Questions about the bride" printable...

    Instructions: Simply print one out for each guest – or team up guests in groups and provide a sheet for each…

    Bride vs groom bridal shower game #2018 #bridal

    Download the "Bride vs. Groom game" printable...

    Instructions: Simply print one out for each guest – or team up guests in groups and provide a sheet for each…

    7. Questions about the Guests

    Let the bride have some fun by answering questions about her guests. She can pull a statement from a hat, and then guess who the guest is. For example, “I recently got a job promotion at xxx” – then the bride guesses who this person is. Guests can each write something about themselves on a piece of paper (without their name) and throw it into the hat or bag, when they arrive at the bridal shower.

    8. Nomination Game

    Write a few questions for the bride on pieces of paper, and put them in a hat. When the bride pulls a question and answers it, she should nominate a guest to answer the same question, too.

    Personalized bridal shower games

    The main thing that makes these games so great is that they are completely personalized. Your guests can give their most precious advice or they can provide their favorite recipe. Remember to ask guests to bring these pieces of advice/wisdom or recipes along by adding them to the invitation.

    9. Words of Wisdom

    In this classic bridal shower game, let your guests each write words of wisdom, or their favorite quote, on a piece of paper, or on a rock and place it in a jar or vase. These can be golden nuggets for the happy couple!

    Tip: Writing it on a rock is perfect for a garden bridal shower.

    10. Recipe Cards

    Let your guests bring their favorite recipes along, and write them on recipe cards. You can provide a recipe box for the bride to put these in – a great idea is to personalize the box with her initials or name, or the wedding date, initials, etc.

    11. Female Advice

    A little female advice from the sisterhood goes a long way, especially if these wise words are aimed at marriage and being a wife. Let your guests write their wifey wisdom on a piece of paper and place it in a very special box for her to keep.

    Blindfolded Bridal Shower Games

    These games are always so much fun! Blindfold the bride with a tie or something she can’t see through, and remember to take lots of photos!

    12. Groom’s Mustache + free printable mustaches

    Enlarge a portrait photo of the groom and stick it against the wall. Print and cut the mustaches and let the bride stick them to the photo where she thinks the groom’s mustache should be.

    mustaches bridal shower game free download #bridalshower free bridal shower printable

    Download the "Groom's mustaches" printable...

    Instructions: Print these out and let the bride (blindfolded) stick them onto an enlarged photo of the groom…

    13. Kiss the Groom

    Use the same (or another) enlarged photo for this game and let guests take turns to put red lipstick on the bride. The bride (still blindfolded) should guess where the groom’s lips are and kiss it.

    Games for Everyone

    14. Bridal Shower Ring Game

    This game is awesome because it runs throughout the entire bridal shower, until the end.

    What you need

    • A few cheap, plastic rings
    • A bowl for the rings
    • A sign with how the game works (free printable)
    • And a prize for someone to take home

    How it works

    1. Each guest takes a plastic ring when they arrive at the bridal shower. They should read the sign for instructions…
    2. Guests are not allowed to say certain words, i.e. bride, wedding or the bride’s new surname, for example. When they hear someone say it, the guest who heard it should take the other guest’s ring.
    3. The guest who has the most rings at the end of the bridal shower wins the prize.

    Tips for this activity

    • Note: If you hear someone use a forbidden word, and they have more than one ring, you should take all of their rings! You can also replace the rings with beaded necklaces, pendants, brooches etc.
    Ring bridal shower game, free download, free bridal shower printable #bridal #shower

    Download the "Ring Game Sign" printable...

    Instructions: Print these out and let the bride (blindfolded) stick them onto an enlarged photo of the groom…

    Tips for planning a bridal shower

    Here are some helpful tips for when you’re planning a bridal shower. If you’re just starting out, have a look at the Bridal Shower Planner, to help you plan everything from the food, to the budget and decor. 

    • Don’t have too many games to play – bridal showers are normally short, with a few snacks or a lunch. Guests also want to mingle.
    • Fast and convenient games (instructions with a matching game card) are a great way to keep the activities to a minimum.
    • When playing any of the question games, keep the questions simple – don’t ask too personal questions.
    • Have a theme – if you plan the bridal shower around a central theme, you already have an idea for decor, food and games.
    • Make sure there is a bridal registry in place and provide that info to the guests on the invitation.
    • Provide an envelope box for guests who rather want to give cash or a card
    • Limit the alcohol – a bridal shower is calm and a classic way to celebrate the bride. Keep the alcohol factor and drinking games for the bachelorette’s.
    • Keep it clean – don’t go overboard with sharing intimate details of the bride or letting guests do the same. You shouldn’t embarrass the bride at all, because this is her special day.

    Where to find the best printable bridal shower games

    When it comes to printable bridal shower games, we’ve got you covered! If you’d like a wide range of games and activities to choose from, and print out a few for the day of the event, then you’ll love this printable bridal shower games collection!

    14 Easy and super fun Bridal Shower Games

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