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39+ Perfect pearl accessories for your wedding day

Pearls are most definitely not out of style (will they ever be?), in fact, pearl accessories for weddings are so beautiful, I just had to make this collective post on some of my favorites!
39+ Perfect pearl accessories for your wedding day

Whether you want subtle, sophisticated pearl hair accessories for you and your bridesmaids, or go bold with boho inspired pearl jewelry, there are plenty of ways to include this gorgeous calcium carbonate miracle of nature in your wedding!

Let’s have a look at the inspirational items which you can use, the low-down on choosing pearls for your bridal look, as well as a few helpful tips on accessorizing with pearls on your wedding day.

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Pretty Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are the most popular way to showcase your love for this element. I have added a few different examples below to show you how well it works with gold, even in different styles. These will also look pretty with some of the other matching jewelry in this post. Earrings also make a great gift for your bridesmaids, and it is something they can wear on your wedding day, and after.

Pearl Earrings with Color

This specific style of pearl earring is gorgeous with a matching color dress, or simply wear them along with your wedding dress — but keep the colors soft and feminine. They will also make great gifts for older flower girls, or even smaller girls who had their ears pierced and are used to wearing different earrings. Color is added to the beautiful finds by incorporating gemstones into the design.

Pearl Rings: Bridesmaid Gift Idea

There is some debate around whether or not a bride should wear any other ring on her wedding day (and some do), but I’ve listed these stunning finds because they make great gifts for your bridesmaids. Simply give them out on your wedding day for a special moment — make sure your photographer captures it — or, add them to your bridesmaids’ proposal boxes. For other bridesmaids essentials, you can go here. (I’ve also added proposal boxes and more gift ideas for your bridesmaids).

Beautiful Pearl Necklaces

A perfect pearl necklace is the best accompaniment to any bridal gown or wedding dress. You can go with a beautifully wrapped, larger pearl (like the one pictured), or go for a petite, dainty styled pearl necklace, so as to not overpower your bridal look and dress. These are also great for special occasions around your wedding, such as your rehearsal dinner.

Pretty Pearl Bracelets

Bracelets are a nice way to accompany your, or your bridesmaids’, wedding look. Opt for plain pearls with gold or silver, or choose a design with gemstones in your wedding colors, or to match your bridesmaids’ dresses. You can give these as gifts to all the girls in your bridal party, too.

Pearl Hair Accessories

Pearl hair accessories are a great way to make any wedding hairdo look perfect and rounded off. If you only want one pearl accessory as part of your bridal look, let it be this. These pieces are versatile, because they can compliment any hairstyle — up-do, ponytail, braided or even loose beach hairstyles. A beautiful bridal hair piece makes a great keepsake for after your wedding, if you’re planning on making one.

Choosing the right pearls for your wedding look and style

To choose the right pearls for your wedding, have a look at your budget if you are buying your own bridal accessories. Also, if you just want a simple piece to complete your wedding hair look, opt for something less expensive and lighter in weight. If you want a very special piece that will complement your bridal look, go for something more expensive and that will stand the test of time.

So, what exactly is a pearl? Well, simply put, a pearl is made of layers consisting of calcium carbonate. Most pearls (the more affordable, but real ones) are grown at farms by using pearl oysters and freshwater mussels — these can also be injected with pigmentation, which allows making of colored pearls in any color imaginable, whether bright or dull. These pearls are known as freshwater pearls.

More luxurious and expensive pearls are extremely rare. These can go for a few thousand bucks easily and are mostly used in high end jewelry pieces. The cheapest pearls are the synthetic type ones — they lose their shine after a while, and some even chip off to reveal a white plastic ball. The advantages of faux pearls, however, is that they are perfectly round and come in various sizes, and can look equally as pretty for the bride on a budget, who still wants a hair piece for her special day. For embellishments on bridal gowns, faux pearls are used, because real pearls will make the dress quite heavy and uncomfortable — not to mention pricey.

Knowing the difference between a real and a faux pearl is easy: you can feel the difference in texture simply by touching them, or rubbing them against a tooth. Faux pearls are smooth and light in weight, where as real pearls are grainy, slightly rough and a little bit heavier than its plastic counterpart. Most real pearls are also misshaped, and not as perfectly round and smooth as a faux or synthetic pearl.

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