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60 Simply gorgeous rose quartz wedding ideas

There's something heart warming about rose quartz whenever we encounter it somewhere. Whether it's at a jewelry store, a home decor store or at your local garden center, it's a certain mineral quartz that will always be around, and can be included at your wedding, too.
60 Simply gorgeous rose quartz wedding ideas

Having rose quartz at your wedding will make it have a more feminine, softer look and feel. And whether you’re adding it to your tables, or simply giving some rose quartz jewelry as gifts to your bridesmaids, there something special and unique about this lovely pink variety of macrocrystalline quartz.

Today we’ll look at some ideas to add rose quartz to your wedding, some rose quartz jewelry pieces to wear on the day or to give as gifts, and more! Let’s dive right in!

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Rose quartz wedding decorations for your tables

Add some rose quartz wedding decorations such as coasters, name cards or candle holders to your tables at the reception for a touch of feminine glow. Here are some lovely ideas to make your wedding look come together – you can also compliment the rose quartz elements with candles and other natural things such as straw, bamboo or faux fur. Some of these will also make lovely rose quartz wedding favors for your guests.

1. Make it personal with hexagonal shaped rose quartz place cards as wedding favors, or even something to add to your wedding party gifts.

These rose quartz hexagon place cards by HelloPosh on Etsy is super elegant and will add a lovely touch to your wedding tables. They start from $8 each.

2. You can also order plain rose quartz slices for your own wedding DIY, if you prefer to decorate them yourself, or just give them as is.

I especially like the gold finish to the edges of these natural rose quartz slices by fantasy369 on Etsy – starting at $29 for 5 pieces. Pretty!

3. Or, go for something softer like a lighter shade of rose quartz, since they come in all shades of pink.

These light pink quartz wedding decor by HelloPosh on Etsy starts at $8, and can be a nice addition to your wedding tables.

4. Say it with love hearts by giving heart shaped rose quartz as favors, or, if your budget allows for it, add it to your wedding centerpieces...

This cute mini rose quartz hearts by Seekcrystalandgifts on Etsy are $7 each, and will give a heart warming touch to any of your wedding related events, even the bridal shower…

5. When in doubt, give them a rose quartz coaster!

As a favor for wedding guests, or an addition to your bridesmaid proposal boxes, these natural rose quartz coasters by Luckystonecraft on Etsy starts at $10, and is super elegant.

6. Don't forget to add some rose quartz elements to the bridal table at your wedding reception!

Weddings are synonymous with candles, and a few of these rose quartz candle holders by MagicEarthBohemian on Etsy will look breathtaking at the wedding reception. They go for $32 each.

7. What better way to add something unique to your wedding tables than a rose quartz decor lamp?

This rose quartz light decor by amazingbead on Etsy costs $32, and will make a pretty addition to your wedding reception tables as centerpieces, or create ambience by adding them to your cocktail tables during the photo shoot.

8. Nothing like a rose quartz crystal to cheer you up and warm your heart...

No matter what you feel about crystals, I think these rose quartz obelisks by YoungGemStone on Etsy is a great wedding favor idea, don’t you? Starts at $4 each.

9. Add some raw rose quartz stones to your wedding decor to make it look earthy (and pretty).

Get these raw rose quartz stones by ThrowinStones on Etsy from $18 for a large size. Prices depend on how large the stone is.

10. Style your table numbers with rose quartz!

You can buy these rose quartz table numbers by HelloPosh on Etsy and they great thing is they give you many options in terms of variety. Prices start from $22 with various options available.

11. Polished rose quartz stones are a pretty addition to your wedding, too.

I would totally add these stones at random to the wedding tables at the reception, and at $1.38 per stone, these rose quartz tumble stones by LillianLacey on Etsy is a winner!

Rose quartz wedding decor for the cake or dessert table

You can add a little more pizzazz to your wedding reception by adding some rose quartz pieces to your cake table, for example. A nice rose quartz cake stand or platter can showcase a delicate cake or a special confection.

12. Serve your wedding cake in style with a rose quartz cake stand.

The best part is that this baby gets to go home with you and live in your kitchen, ready to serve more cake on! Get the rose quartz agate cake stand by Aanthropology on Etsy for $112.

13. More ways to serve things on rose quartz...

Even though this rose quartz platter with gold rim by HelloPosh on Etsy is more on the pricier side, still, it gets to go home with you and will make a really pretty keepsake to display on your coffee table or in your kitchen. Get it for $265.

Rose quartz jewelry for bridesmaid gifts

It’s tradition to give your bridesmaids something to show your appreciation, whether this is a single, special gift or a whole proposal box filled with goodies (see the last section of this post). Rose quartz jewelry is so pretty and feminine, and your bridesmaids can wear these pieces on the big day as well…

14. What's more earthy than a rose quartz moon pendant?

Get this gorgeous crescent moon pendant necklace by cotacoco on Etsy for $17. They have other minerals to choose from as well, so order some variety if you want to give each bridesmaid a different pendant.

15. Something to wear on the wedding day...

GIve your bridesmaids this dainty rose gold, rose quartz and howlite gemstone beaded stretch bracelet by SimpleJoyShop on Etsy to wear on the day of your wedding. Goes for $20 each.

16. You are allowed to give your bridesmaids rings as a wedding gift, especially this rose quartz one...

Get this dainty rose quartz ring by Ringcrush on Etsy for $24. I love how raw it looks and how it is rounded off with some copper. It might be pricier, but if you don’t have a lot of bridesmaids, this is the perfect gift!

17. Give them some arm candy to wear on your wedding day...

What I love about giving jewelry as bridesmaid gifts is that they can wear it on the big day – that’s the beauty of it all! These handmade natural gemstone bracelets by Ny6designjewelry on Etsy is a stunning, feminine option and starts from $3.59 a piece.

18. GIve your bridesmaid something to wear that shows your love for rose quartz...

…like these raw rose quartz necklaces by StudioVy on Etsy. They start at $35 each, depending on what finishing you choose.

19. I like to mention it again: you are allowed to give your bridesmaids rings as a gift!

Yes, this one is a little expensive, but the raw rose quartz ring by JadedDesignNYC on Etsy is a gorgeous option if you only have one or two bridesmaids (unless you can afford to buy 10 of these!) Prices start from $60 for a copper filled option, a gold fill is also available.

20. Speaking of rose quartz rings as a bridesmaid gift option...

If you’re unsure about ring sizes for your bridesmaids, then this raw rose quartz ring by JulJewelry on Etsy is a good option, since it is adjustable. Goes for $27.

21. Okay, one more rose quartz ring for your bridesmaids!

Again, a little more on the pricier side, but this raw rose quartz ring handmade by GotiskaStil on Etsy is currently a bestseller! Prices start from $42 and you can choose from different finishes such as brass, silver, copper and even 14K gold!

22. A rose quartz necklace is a really good jewelry gift option for your bridesmaids if you don't want to struggle too much with sizing.

These gorgeous rose quartz necklaces by Hurleyburleygifts are available on Etsy and start from $60, depending on chain length you choose.

23. A rose quartz necklace is a pretty piece of jewelry to be worn by your bridesmaids on your wedding day...

And it doesn’t have to be over the top, in-your-face and too blingy, like this rose quartz necklace by LizBethJewelryCo on Etsy. Prices start from $30 depending on the chain length you choose.

24. If all of your bridesmaids have their ears pierced, then why not give them some rose quartz earrings as a gift?

These highly fashionable and quality rose quartz stud earrings by Hurleyburleygifts on Etsy are a good option (and so gorgeous). Goes for $55 a pair.

25. Personalize it a little by giving a rose quartz necklace with their initial.

This rose quartz necklace by HKSJewelleryByBhavna on Etsy starts from $22 upwards with multiple options available, including sterling silver, silver, gold and rose gold finishes.

Rose quartz wedding things for the bride

Show your love for the special mineral by dressing up your look with some rose quartz accessories. I have added some rose quartz tiaras to the list that are simply gorgeous, as well as plenty of jewelry and hair pins. Hair pins also make great gifts for your bridesmaids.

26. Dress up that bridal hairstyle with these gorgeous rose quartz hair pins.

These really pretty bridal hair pins with rose quartz are made by HampshireJewels on Etsy and costs $22 for 3 pieces.

27. Claim your spot as main queen at the event and dress up your hairdo with this gorgeous handmade crown - this is a spectacular piece!

The ILLIANA quartz crown by beretkah on Etsy… Yes, it is a little on the pricier side at $232, but worth showcasing it in an acrylic box afterwards at your vanity table or in your closet. A beautiful keepsake for a beautiful wedding!

28. Go more natural with these raw rose quartz and freshwater pearl hair pins.

These fantastic KRISTA raw stone rose quartz hair pins are available on Etsy by ADelicateFancy for $22.50, and they are handwrapped, handmade… They are everything!

29. Some bridal arm candy in the form of a rose quartz bangle...

I’ve found this raw gemstone bridal bangle by CharlieGirlGems on Etsy to be one of those pieces that you want to buy anyway, not just for the wedding, because it is stunning. At $55, there are multiple stones to choose from, not just rose quartz, but naturally I love this mineral the most.

30. Add this ring to your finger before and after the ceremony to complete your bridal look with more rose quartz accessories (it also makes a lovely wedding ring if this is your style!)

The raw rose quartz ring by PebbleAndStoneStore on Etsy starts from $70 with multiple sizes and finishes available, including 24K gold. 

31. For a princess bridal look, a rose quartz tiara is a nice accessory to have.

Get this rose quartz and pink crystal tiara for $52 on Etsy (by RubyDoodlesJewellery).

32. For a softer, feminine look, you can wear a small bracelet to compliment your other rose quartz jewelry.

You can also give something similar to your bridesmaids, such as this rose quartz bracelet by SaraWeberJewelry on Etsy. It costs only $18 and you can choose from silver, gold and rose gold plated. Also, there are so many different stone options if you want to order different ones for your bridesmaids, too.

33. If you really like the idea of wearing a rose quartz crown or tiara on your wedding day, then you'll like this one from ChaeriCrystalCrowns...

This beautiful, elegant rose quartz crystal crown from Etsy is made by ChaeriCrystalCrowns. Grab it for $40

34. And, here is another one I've found that is a little different than the previous one at #33...

This rose quartz crystal crown is made by TheBewitchingMoon on Etsy and costs only $37.

35. Add some luxury to your bridal jewelry by opting for classic rose quartz pieces.

I love how glamorous these rose quartz earrings by ARANJEWELS on Etsy are. They cost $46, and are available in both silver and gold.

36. Invest in bridal jewelry you can possibly wear again to other events...

I mean, what is the use of your sentimental bridal jewelry living the rest of their days in a dark cupboard somewhere – they deserve to be shown off! Especially these rose quartz earrings by cotacoco on Etsy. These go for $17 a pair.

37. More luxurious, glamorous rose quartz earrings for you to see...

Yes, I know $140 is a lot, but these rose quartz earrings by ElizeJewellery on Etsy are 18K rose gold, and would make a statement along with your wedding gown. Did I mention that they are 18K rose gold? So worth it…

38. Very special wedding jewelry in the form of rose quartz earrings...

Create some wedding sentiment by wearing these rose quartz earrings from TalesInGold on Etsy on your special day. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, they are expensive! But that’s because it’s made with real gold… Prices start from $134 for 9K yellow, white or rose gold, and is available up to 18K.

39. If you want to accessorize with rose quartz, but don't want to go over the top with jewelry and tiaras, why not opt for a simple hair clip?

How lovely is this rose quartz hair clip by HandmadeByVermeer on Etsy? It will definitely add a final touch to your bridal hairstyle, for only $13.

40. If you like the rose quartz tiaras I've mentioned, but don't like the idea of this huge thing on your head, you can go for a simple hair comb version with rose quartz crystals.

Add this rose quartz hair comb by AppalachianGemsUS on Etsy to your updo and keep your veil in place (if you actually have a veil). This elegant piece costs $19.

41. Another unique rose quartz hair pin I adore is this one...

It is really pretty with the crystals arranged in a sort of flower shape. Get this rose quartz hair pin by BellaLorne on Etsy for $44.

42. Another hair pin I've found to suit the rose quartz element at your wedding are these ones (also great for your bridesmaids to wear)...

If you’re into a more minimalist bridal hair accessory look, then these rose quartz hair pins by RoyalAccessoriesAE on Etsy are great – you won’t need a ton of them to actually make a statement, one or two will do the trick. These are $20 a piece.

43. If your wedding dress is heavily embellished or you don't want to take away too much from the dress design, go for something finer like this rose quartz necklace.

This pretty and dainty rose quartz necklace by lolabeanjewelry on Etsy will compliment any wedding dress, really… It starts from $34 depending on the length and finish you choose.

44. A bold ring for before the ceremony, or on your honeymoon. This ring also works well as a placeholder wedding ring if you're too afraid something happens to your actual wedding ring.

Get this lovely statement rose quartz ring by AnemoneJewelry on Etsy from $69, depending on the metal type you choose

45. This piece is actually more of a hairband than a tiara, but it depends on how you'd like to wear it.

I love how this piece is a little more understated than the other tiaras, but still gorgeous enough to show your love for rose quartz. Get this tiara/hairband by StoneyCreekBoutiques on Etsy for $69.

46. Naturally, I have saved the best for last and I cannot wait to show you this one...

The wow factor is real with this ADA Crown Tiara by HowlingMoonUK on Etsy. And yes, it costs a pretty penny of $110, but remember how I mentioned at #27 how you can store this gorgeous piece in acrylic casing or box frame it and have it as a wedding keepsake after the big day. Also, imagine how majestic your wedding photos will look. Yup, get this one – this is the one!

Rose quartz things to add to your bridesmaids proposal boxes

Think of these next few rose quartz items as stocking fillers, but for your bridesmaids’ proposal boxes! In a bridesmaid proposal box, you can really add anything from jewelry to bottle openers, and remember to add a few extra touches such as a pretty bridesmaid proposal card and a tiny bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage.

47. Add some rose quartz bottle openers to your bridesmaid proposal box, especially if she likes to celebrate in style every now and again...

You can find these agate quartz bottle openers by DrHxme on Etsy for $20, and you can also choose from different minerals available.

48. Add a cute coaster set that she can put her drinks on...

This personalized rose quartz coaster set by HandoMeidoStudio on Etsy will be a great addition to your bridesmaid proposal box, especially if you include a tumbler as well. Prices start from $12, depending on the shape and style you choose.

49. Nothing like a rose quartz wine stopper for that avid wine drinking girlfriend in your life!

Give her the gift of saving wine, by adding this crystal & geode bottle stoppers by MyahMeCorkDesigns on Etsy to the proposal boxes. They are available in different crystal/geode options, including rose quartz. Starts from $18.

50. A casual piece of jewelry can be worn by your bridesmaids after the wedding too.

I love thise healing rose quartz bracelet by HalfMoonStones on Etsy, because it can be worn casually with jeans and a cute top, too. Goes for $20.

51. Another bottle opener to show you care about your bridesmaids, and don't want them to go thirsty... 😂

Now here is a natural rose quartz bottle opener by thedesignstalker on Etsy for $21, that’s both pretty and useful. It’s pretty useful.

52. A gorgeous wedding keepsake for your bridesmaids is a bracelet made especially for her, with her initials on it...

And how gorgeous is the personalised rose quartz slider bracelet by CustomChic801 on Etsy, indeed! It costs $26, and will make a lovely addition the the bridesmaid proposal box.

53. Let her keep her favorite perfume close by including a small perfume holder in the bridesmaid proposal box.

This heart perfume bottle pendant necklace by ModernMuseJewelryCo will do the trick, and it makes a really stunning jewelry piece, too. It costs $28.

54. Add a beauty tool or two to the proposal box that matches the rose quartz theme.

Like this gorgeous rose quartz gua sha tool set from MiaHandmadeJewels on Etsy. Starts from $17.30 upwards, depending on if you want the individual gua sha tool or the entire set of $32.60, which includes the roller as well.

55. More rose quartz bottle openers, because why not!

If you’re going to add a rose quartz bottle opener like this pretty one by Thepeacefullcrystal on Etsy, you can also add your girl’s favorite drink in there as well. They start at $10 for one, and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets! Fantastic!

56. Like I mentioned at #50, a casual piece if jewelry can be worn on the day of your wedding, and afterwards.

This rose quartz bracelet (also by HalfMoonStones on Etsy) is little bulkier than the one I’ve mentioned at #50, but it’s still really pretty and will go with many outfits. Add this to your bridesmaid proposal boxes for $22.

57. Something useful for the home office...

Since many of us are working from home nowadays, I’m sure your bridesmaids can relate to always looking for a pen to quickly write something down… Add this rose quartz crystal pen by MyGoddessProvisions (Etsy) to her proposal box for $11.

58. Another cute and personalized proposal box addition, for the bridesmaid who can never find her keys...

These both adorable and affordable rose quartz keyrings by PixieDustBeads costs $7.30 without a letter, and $8.70 with a letter… A perfect addition to the proposal box.

59. Here is another option for the note-taking-bridesmaid, the planner-obsessed-bridesmaid or the one who always collects pretty stationery...

Get this rose quartz pen by HiddenMysticGem on Etsy for $11.

60. Another great bridesmaid proposal box addition!

Our final item on this list is the rose quartz ring by designwithsam on Etsy. They have two options: You can by only the ring for $5.99 for the ring, or pay $16.99 for a ring and bracelet set.

I hope you’ve found these gorgeous rose quartz items to your liking, and that your pretty wedding look will all come together!

by Tanya Guilfoyle

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya has been an active contributor and planner in the wedding industry since 2016. When not writing useful content for brides and wedding professionals, she can be found designing templates for her Etsy shop, TWCprintables