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9 Fabulous things to add to your Wedding Gift Registry from Etsy

This wedding gift registry post is especially useful if you have no idea what to add to your list, or, if you already have everything you need but still want to set one up.

Setting up your wedding gift registry is one of the more fun things to do when you’re planning your wedding.

It’s great to set one up, mainly because most of your wedding guests will have no clue what to get you, and possibly default to the usual gifts that you buy for a newlywed couple.

That’s why we turn to Etsy! The opportunity to find something original, beautiful, and unique is endless and most items are handmade – which we love! 🥰

These include (among plenty of others) wedding items, home décor items, fashion things, and gorgeous must-haves!

This is perfect for the bride who is a little clueless about what to add to her wedding registry list + the bride who already owns everything.

Let’s dive right in!

9+ Fabulous things to add to your Wedding Gift Registry from Etsy

1. Wedding registry gifts for the kitchen

If you love to entertain guests in style, then you should definitely add special dinnerware and kitchen-related items to your wedding gift list.

We love the idea of bringing signature items to the table, especially if they are handmade and unique, or personalized! Start with basic items in pure white and glass, then add these extra special pieces to complete the look.

To make it more cozy and heartwarming, serve your signature dishes in your newly added wares.

These gorgeous custom cutting boards come in a variety of styles and are available in walnut, maple, and white oak. These make a great gift to add to your wedding registry because it is a reminder of your special day and will serve up many a charcuterie for years to come!

Various wood cutting boards custom made by personalizedgiftbox on Etsy.

If rustic, earthy ceramics are your thing, then you’ll love these handmade beauties created by Kari Ceramics. There are many colors to choose from and the stylish design will complete the look of any Instagram-worthy pasta dish. Yum!

Handmade ceramic bowls by KariCeramics on Etsy.

The custom labels idea is nothing new, but what makes this wedding registry gift item so unique is that it will 1) probably inspire the gift-buying wedding guest to actually buy the wine these labels will be stuck unto, too, and 2) won’t it be super fun to sip a glass of “special wine” on each anniversary date?

Custom wine bottle labels by RitualStationery on Etsy

These tin enamel mugs are so sweet and make a wonderful wedding gift to add to your registry. Perfect for the camping couple, or couples who love adventure and traveling.

Personalized tin enamel mugs by GiftsInaJiffy on Etsy.

How do you make an engraved chopping board extra special? You pour over some food-safe resin art to make it look even more gorgeous! 

Custom chopping board by FifthDesign on Etsy

Yup, more mugs! But these aren’t just any mugs – these are gorgeous, ombre-colored mugs with beautiful designs and whimsical text on them. Add these to your wedding gift registry, because these are the mugs you’ll want to drink coffee in each morning, together! 🤩

Personalized Mr and Mrs mugs by BabyBluuCo on Etsy

2. Wedding registry gifts for the bedroom

There are so many things to add to your wedding gift registry when it comes to the bedroom. From jewelry holders and organizers to something more intimate to awaken the senses with your new spouse – you decide!

Waen is one of my absolute favorite shops on Etsy – just look at the beautiful stained glass items! 😍

This ring dish makes a perfect addition to your wedding registry under items you’d like to add in the bedroom.

Stained glass ring dish by Waen on Etsy.

The perfect addition to any bedroom or bathroom-related wedding gift registry is a spa box for couples. Relax, unwind, and enjoy some quality time together!

Romantic spa gift set by PDXUrbanFarm on Etsy

Of course, every nightstand needs a night light. And what better way to showcase your love than by adding this custom LED light to yours?

Personalized night light by CustomHappinessShop on Etsy

Make your bedroom extra special with this relaxing gift set – you can buy the candle separately, or have the entire set which includes bath salts and matches. It is beautifully packaged and is one of the more affordable items to add to your wedding gift registry.

Candle gift set by LoomWeddings on Etsy

3. Wedding registry gifts for the walls

Adding something new to the walls in your home, whether in the home office, bedroom, or living room, can just add that little extra pizzazz to round it all off!

And shopping for wall art and prints on Etsy is something you can happily set time aside for as each one is more unique than the previous, plus some have the option of digital downloads and print-it-yourself.

How unique and wonderful is this scratch-off bucket list destination print? It’s absolutely perfect for the traveling couple!

Bucket list scratch off print by KristinDouglasART on Etsy

A beautiful keepsake such as a custom map print is a great addition to a wedding registry for the home. It gleams with gorgeous foil detail and makes a statement that will look good anywhere. Love it! ❤️

Foil heart map print by YvePrintCo on Etsy

Another beautiful wedding registry gift idea to add to your list of things for the walls in your home is a custom print of your wedding venue. This will make a lovely addition to any room or area to brighten up your space. 

Wedding venue print by AinneStudio on Etsy

Just like the foiled map print listed earlier (the heart-shaped one), this will make a stunning addition to your home as newlyweds. Totally personalized, it shows where you’ve met, got engaged, and married.

Custom foil map by WanderingRabbitPrint on Etsy

Another statement piece for your newlywed home walls is this pretty custom art of a lake, river, or coastline. 

Custom lake map by Leatherport on Etsy

Even though this item is a digital download, you can happily add this beautiful marriage poem to your wedding registry. Wedding guests will likely print and frame it so that it is ready to hang on your walls.

Art of a Good Marriage by noacreativeco on Etsy

4. Wedding registry gifts for the garden

Most people forget that there are some couples who love to be outdoorsy and in nature. And there’s a whole new world of wedding gifts to add to your list in this department – if this is you!

Make your garden all cute and pretty with something unique, like this Bee Hotel from Wuddl. Multiple colors to choose from. 

Bee Hotel by Wuddl on Etsy

Bring the garden indoors by adding these pretty custom planters to your wedding registry list.

Custom planter by LeafandRootCo on Etsy

5. Useful items for your wedding gift registry

Obviously, you can’t add hundreds of items to your wedding registry (what a shame), so make sure the items that you do add, serve a purpose.

One of the more unique and useful gift ideas to add to your registry is something that will help keep the romance alive. These 100 date night ideas are color coded and come in a cute jar.

100 Date Ideas by LittleJarOfBigIdeas on Etsy

Speaking of date night, some couples prefer to stay in and still have fun. This item is a perfect idea to add to your wedding registry as it is thoughtful and on the more affordable side for those wedding guests on a tight budget.

Home Date Night Idea Dispenser by OakdeneDesigns on Etsy

6. Special memorabilia wedding registry gifts

This is definitely something unique to add to your wedding gift registry. Help guests to get you something special to remember the day by.

Kudos if you can hang it in the house for them to see every time they come and visit. Like this Paper cut personalized wedding venue by ThePaperRosesCo. Plus it comes framed and ready to hang!

This stunning work of art is 100% handmade. It is delicately cut by hand and framed to make a beautiful keepsake for your home.

All you need to do is send a photo of the wedding venue and The Paper Roses Company will make it for you and even add some extra details like text and quotes if you want them too.

 Papercut personalized venue by ThePaperRosesCo on Etsy

Another special gift idea for your wedding registry is this custom record vinyl where you can add that special song you both adore together. It comes with a wooden stand to give it that extra something so that you can place it anywhere in your home.

Personalized record display by MiniDecorShop on Etsy

Another beautiful item to add to the wedding registry is something you as newlyweds can celebrate together. This personalized ornament will look beautiful on your Christmas tree, or anywhere else really.

Personalized ornament by APKornaments on Etsy

Celebrate your first Christmas together as newlyweds with this personalized ornament. Definitely a special item to list on your wedding gift registry!

Personalized ornament by APKornaments on Etsy

7. Wedding registry gifts for the artistic couple

If you and/or hubby are the artistic or craftsy kind, why not add something to your wedding registry in this category?

This activity will provide ample fun and bonding by being one of those quirky things to do on date night! It includes some drinks and confectionary options, too, if you wish to add those to your order.

Painting date night box by TheCraftSocietyUK on Etsy

8. Pets are family, too!

Pet-loving wedding guests will appreciate that you’ve added something on your wedding gift list for the fur-babies!

We have seen so many cute pet related gifts that we adore, it was challenging to decide which ones to feature here. 

Our all-time favorite is this custom ceramic pet portrait figurine by RyabaVoshCeramics. Send your pet photo along to this Etsy shop owner to have your special pet figurine made! #StoleMyHeart

Custom pet portrait figurine by RyabaVoshCeramics on Etsy

For those newlyweds who are cat lovers, these cat cookie jars or canisters are perfect!

9. Wedding registry gifts for the living room

Many couples who have been living together for some time before getting married will likely have all the necessities for the newlywed home.

If you feel the need to rather ask for monetary gifts, be sure to add some physical items on your wedding registry, too, for those wedding guests who’d rather prefer buying you a gift – items for the living room are great for this.

Lovely statement coasters is a great idea for the coffee table in the living room. Custom engraved ones are even better!

Custom wood marble coasters by Dreamhousebuilder on Etsy

10. Special wedding registry gifts

These wedding registry gift ideas are extra special and are perfect additions to your list. The wedding guests who know you best will be more likely to grab these for your wedding day!

Kintsugi is a golden joinery art form in which broken pottery is repaired with gold. The bowl becomes more beautiful when we embrace its history, changes and journey.

Similarly, this is a beautiful tradition to bring into your marriage and can be celebrated at every point of your life together.

Japanese kintsugi bowl by LIFEHONEY on Etsy

Another special gift to add to your wedding registry is this bundle of personalized and engraved gifts. 

Ultimate gift bundle by ZehrCustomEngraving on Etsy

The last entry on our wedding gift registry list is this beautiful keepsake box with custom engraving on top. Add your photos and special memory items inside to go through every once in a while. The box is pretty enough to display anywhere in your home. 

Custom wooden box keepsake by Wayfaren on Etsy

You will soon realize, as you pick items for your wedding registry, that it will consist mostly of things for your new home (and life) as a newlywed couple together.

With that being said, there’s no such thing as an “incorrect” wedding registry list. If you feel you want to add mostly décor items – do it!

How to set up your wedding gift registry

1. Choose your gifts by price range

You can’t really add only the highly priced, top-of-the-range kind of items to your wedding registry. Not everyone can afford it. You might get one of those items on your list if you’re lucky.

The best way to handle this is to add gifts by different price ranges: Decide on the number of gifts per price range, based on your total wedding guest count.

2. Add what you really need

It’s easy to get caught up in all the pretty things for your home / new lifestyle together. But think of the things you really need, not just the stuff that you want.

Rather add the kind of gifts that will be useful, such as a kitchen appliance or curtains for the guest bedroom. Of course, you can add some luxuries too, if you really want to.

The challenge is to figure out what it is that you really have a need for and add it to the list first.

9 Fabulous things to add to your Wedding Gift Registry from Etsy

by Tanya Guilfoyle

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya has been an active contributor and planner in the wedding industry since 2016. When not writing useful content for brides and wedding professionals, she can be found designing templates for her Etsy shop, TWCprintables