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9+ Elegant Tropical Wedding Ideas

Whether you are looking for a bright elegant tropical wedding theme, or a more natural boho beach wedding vibe, it's a style that is here to stay!
Elegant Tropical Wedding - blog post image - The Wedding Club

The elegant tropical wedding theme is one of those wedding styles that never left when it first arrived on the scene in 2013. 

Personally, we love any theme that could possibly involve the beach, but on a note of caution, themes like these can be very risky to work with as they can easily look tacky.

Nonetheless, tropical wedding themes can be as versatile as you’d like them to be. You can go bright and colorful, which creates a fun wedding vibe, or, you can opt for a chic or boho island style which can be rather down-to-earth and relaxed.

Whatever the style you choose for your tropical wedding, here are some elegant things to throw into the mix!

Planning out your elegant tropical wedding

First off, before just diving into your elegant tropical wedding theme, you need to decide on your color scheme, style, and decor.

Because, as I mentioned just now, there are bright colors in some and more earth tones in others. 

So, you need to make your checklist and decide what you want to include and where you want your style to stand out most on your wedding day.

Elegant tropical wedding details

There are so many ways for you to make a certain wedding theme come forward. You can showcase your wedding style and theme elements through the type of food you’re serving, the wedding cake, table decor, your wedding ceremony backdrop, and so on.

Let’s have a look at some tropical wedding details for you to include on your big day.

Elegant tropical wedding decor ideas

By using decor elements correctly, you can really make your tropical wedding stand out. That being said, try to include only a few key items here and there so as to not go overboard and make your wedding look like a summer new year’s party…

by MMFloralStudio on Etsy

by SundownParasol on Etsy

by cathysavelspaintings on Etsy

Elegant tropical wedding invitations and stationery

GIve your wedding guests a hint at your gorgeous tropical wedding vibe by sending a wedding invitation in your theme and style. There are so many options here for different budgets, but these are our favorites right now:

by GoldenMomentsLA on Etsy

by UnmeasuredEvent on Etsy

Elegant tropical wedding dresses

Look the part by wearing a gorgeous wedding gown to compliment your tropical wedding vibe.

Elegant tropical barefoot sandals

A wonderful addition to your tropical wedding style is by wearing barefoot sandals instead of the classic wedding shoe.

Elegant tropical wedding jewelry and accessories

Even if you’re not including a beach in your tropical wedding, it’s still very fitting to wear a piece of the ocean as part of your bridal style or to give it as a gift to one of your VIP wedding guests.

Starfish Hair Pins

by ANBALA on Amazon

Unique tropical wedding favors

Give your wedding guests something unique to keep the tropical spirit alive and to remember your beautiful wedding day. We just adore that pufferfish bell!

by EtherealWeddingGift on Etsy

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Unique tropical wedding guest book ideas

Add a little something extra to your tropical wedding in the form of a unique guest book…

by YourWeddingTheme on Etsy

by GiftsJulia on Etsy

by EtherealWeddingGift on Etsy

Unique tropical bridesmaid gift ideas

Give your squad some tropical-inspired things! You can gift these items individually or build a proposal or gift box. 

Here are more ideas for bridesmaid proposal boxes

by Ottomanmarrakech on Etsy

by PersonalizedGiftMia on Etsy

by Alicesbox on Etsy

Other elegant tropical wedding things...

Looking for more ideas for your tropical wedding? Here are some extra things you might like! 

The Wedding Club says: “If you want to make your theme more muted and natural-looking, go easy on the colors. Bright colors paired with tropical greenery will make your wedding theme pop, whereas neutral colors will make your wedding more chic and elegant. Take note that you can always add a metallic into the mix to make your style more elegant, too.”

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Elegant Tropical Wedding Theme Ideas by The Wedding Club
Elegant Tropical Wedding Theme Ideas by The Wedding Club
Elegant Tropical Wedding Theme Ideas by The Wedding Club

by Tanya Guilfoyle

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