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How to Set Up a Wedding Budget + FREE Printable!

How to Set Up a Wedding Budget + FREE Printable!

How to set up a wedding budget + free printable


No doubt, we all dread the sitting down and setting up of an official budget – unless you’re an accounting whiz who loves numbers – but it is important that your wedding has a set budget, and that you STICK TO IT! Having a budget will make it easier to keep track of all the expenses. The more detailed your budget is, the easier it will be to identify unnecessary items as well is gaps where there should’ve been important items. It has happened so many times where the couple realizes an expense that wasn’t budgeted for, and then it is too late…


How to Set Up a Wedding Budget + FREE Printable!


Why is it important to have a wedding budget?

Unless you have a bottomless pit of funds, it is extremely wise to budget, because that will prevent you from overspending, and regretting it later. Countless times, couples get married and pay off their wedding debt (along with other debts) for the rest of their lives. And it is painful to think that some of these expenses were just really luxuries and not necessities for your wedding (think: releasing doves, a gazillion candles and the most expensive crystal champagne?).


The greatest benefit of having a budget is that you can spend your money more wisely on wedding expenses, and save a little here and there. Laying your budget out in front of you, you can calculate exact costs and where money was saved at a certain category. Saved money can then be used in another category where you had to cut costs. Budgeting will certainly help the frugal couple who don’t want to spend too much, or, the budget savvy couple who can’t really spend a lot on their wedding.


Where to start planning a wedding budget

First, you will have to decide who is paying for what. It is best to sit down with both sets of parents and make note of this immediately, so that no arguments will arise later. Thoroughly discuss this matter, so that there are no uncertainties when you manage the budget and start to buy things.


Next, appoint someone trustworthy who will be second in charge of the budget, so that they can help you stay on track. It is better to have someone by your side when making financial decisions, than being impulsive and spending money where you shouldn’t.


Finally, everyone who is paying for something should agree to the grand amount of the budget (e.g. R/$ 200 000). Rather be stricter about the total, than too free-spirited and then regretting it afterwards. It will make it easier to be strict when more people has a say in the matter.


If you’re stuck in planning your own wedding budget, check out our Wedding Budget Planner here


Categorize budget items first

For the backbone of your budget, you will have to choose the main categories for all of the wedding expenses. This way, it is easier to see what will be included and what to budget for. Once, you have added more and more detail to the budget, you can start calculate the percentages for each category and how much money each section will take up from the grand total.


Do some research on wedding budgets to see what categories most people use. Also, research what percentage of the overall budgeted amount are used for which categories. For example: 45% will go towards catering, 15% towards the venue hire, etc.


Break It Down into line items

When you have identified all of the categories for your budget, go ahead and add some subcategories to them. For example, if you have a main category called “attire”, you can add the dress and veil here. This will make it easier to see exactly where all of the budget money goes. It will also make it easier to eliminate items where necessary.


And remember, no matter how small the expense is, include it in the budget. Eventually all of the little things add up and form a huge part of the budget.


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And like we promised, here is your free budget printable! Simply print it out and fill it in!


P.S. If you don’t know how to create your wedding budget, categorize items and plan ahead, or, simply don’t have the time to create a wedding budget, you might be interested in our Wedding Budget Planner..


by Tanya Guilfoyle

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