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84 Greatest Wedding Hacks for the Frugal Bride

Whether you're a budgeting bride or not, one of the best ways to plan your wedding within your budget without going overboard is to apply a "wedding hack" or two...
84 Greatest Wedding Hacks for the Frugal Bride

We are constantly looking for ways to save money in all aspects of our lives, so naturally, some wedding hacks need to be applied when it comes to your wedding.

These wedding hacks for the frugal bride (or any budget-sensible bride for that matter) can help you spend less on nitty-gritty things and more on the important stuff…

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84 Greatest Wedding Hacks for the Frugal Bride

Before kicking off the list, one of the most important parts of planning a wedding from the first step, is to have a wedding budget in place.

Your wedding budget is such an important document and you will work with it almost every day to plan your special event. Also, having a decent wedding budget in place will help you to avoid overspending.

Wedding budget planner

Your wedding budget should include an overview of your wedding expenses, as well as a broken-down list of budget line items and budget categories. You should also have a payment calendar in place to see when you should pay suppliers.

However, your wedding budget is only one part of the wedding planning process. That is why I have created the Ultimate Wedding Planner to help you plan all the other aspects of your big day, too.


Wedding hacks: Your Budget

We start our massive list of wedding hacks off with some great wedding budget hacks that you might find useful.

1. Have a budget in place that covers EVERYTHING

Having a decent wedding budget in place that covers all aspects will help you to save money on your wedding. I have included a fully editable wedding budget in the Ultimate Wedding Planner templates, which you can use to manage all your wedding finances.

2. Have estimates on your wedding budget sheets

 This will help you to get an idea of how much you need to budget for your wedding more or less.

3. Work with percentages

Working with percentages will help you to calculate exactly how much of your total wedding budget should be spent in which category.

4. Put someone in charge

Someone being in control of handling and managing your wedding budget, especially if you know that you’re not that great with money management, will ease some financial stress. Just make sure the person handling your budget is trustworthy.

5. Keep your budget up to date

A regularly updated budget gives you have an accurate overview of how much is spent and how much money is left in your wedding budget.

6. Don’t overspend

Never overspend on your wedding budget, because you might end up owing major suppliers some payments which you will need to take out loans for (suppliers won’t pitch if they’re not getting paid!)  Here is a post if you think you’re likely to overspend…

Wedding hacks: The Flowers

Most planners will tell you that the first place that you can cut wedding costs is with your flowers. However, if you’re a floral fanatic as much as I am, you still want to include some flair in your bouquets and centerpieces!

Also, to plan this gorgeous part of your wedding, I have added some floral planning sheets (what’s in season, where to include what, etc.) in the editable Wedding Planner templates

Let see which hacks you can implement here.

7. Use larger flowers in your centerpieces

Larger flowers take up more space, so that means less stems (flowers are normally charged per stem at flower markets)

84 greatest wedding hacks for the frugal bride-save money on flowers

8. Buy directly from a flower market

Go buy directly from the flower market if you can. If you buy from your local florist, they have already put their mark-up price on their bunches and bouquets

9 | Ask friends and family for flowers from their gardens

Raid your loved ones’ gardens for easy-to-find plants, such as greenery and branches, or common flowers and succulents.

10 | Use less flowers

Go on the cheap and opt for less in your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and on your wedding tables. Besides, minimalism is all the rage right now…

11 | Use faux flowers

Consider using paper flowers or handmade flowers, if you have the time and the supplies to do it. You can find many tutorials for this on Pinterest and YouTube.

12 | Overuse greenery

To get a more natural look at your wedding, go for more greenery instead – eucalyptus, ruscus, and monstera leaves are all front runners at weddings, but be sure to compare prices before you buy!

13 | Buy flowers in season

When deciding on your wedding flowers, look at what is in season during the time of your wedding date. Out-of-season flowers are usually imported, and thus more costly.

If you need some flower planning sheets, check out the editable Wedding Planner!

14 | Don't go for the floral trend

Don’t use trendy or mainstream flowers for your wedding, because wedding trends set prices in the industry, too! Do some research on what is currently ‘in’, and avoid that

15 | Know how much you should buy

Be very specific with your numbers when you go buy your wedding flowers – too much greenery and flowers (yes, it’s possible!) can be money wasted, which could’ve been spent somewhere else.

Wedding supplier budget hacks

Wedding suppliers (or wedding vendors as some would call them), can take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget.

But, you still need them! Can you imagine an evening wedding without food, music, or even photos to cherish afterward?

The best tip I have when it comes to saving money on your wedding vendors is this: Compare, compare, compare! This will help you to choose the right vendors to suit your needs and budget, as well as ensuring that you chose the best one you could find.

Pro tip: Make it easier for yourself when comparing vendors by using a spreadsheet or an already-designed-for-you comparison planner, like the one included in my Ultimate Wedding Planner templates

16 | Ask a loved one

If you’re on a tight budget, ask a friend or family member to help out with certain things. Maybe you have an aunt who bakes fantastic cakes, or a cousin who is a photograper?

17 | Ask for a discount

You should know that you are allowed to ask for a discount from suppliers, especially if you are buying a lot of things from them or are paying a hefty price for something. The worst you can get is a ‘no’.

18 | DIY your wedding

If you have time on your hands, you might want to use more DIY wedding ideas for your wedding. Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to things like this…

19 | Check out recommended suppliers

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from your venue or other suppliers. Don’t forget to mention that you’re on a tight budget – so that they recommend someone you can actually afford!

Pro tip: Even though the venue might recommend someone, please do a background check before simply booking someone. It has happened many times that a bride will book someone recommended by the venue (i.e. a photographer, DJ, etc.), only to find out how unprofessional they are on her wedding day.

20 | Opt for out of season rates

You can also get married out of season, as some suppliers and venues will then be cheaper, because of lower demand. Winter, or even late Autumn, are good seasons to get married in – be sure to compare prices!

However, even though you might get rates at more affordable prices, you still have to compare suppliers to make sure you get what you pay for. The editable vendor comparison sheets I’ve added in the Wedding Planner templates will help you with this.

21 | Go for a new supplier

When you start planning, look for new suppliers in the industry. They still need to build up their experience and reputation, so their prices are normally lower than those who are in it for longer. Make sure you check them out properly, and ask for examples of their work if they have any…

84 greatest wedding hacks for the frugal bride-save money on suppliers

22 | Use a multi-skilled supplier

You also have an option to use suppliers who offer more than one service, and can turn your needs into a package deal. A good example of this is a photographer, who also offers videography. Or a wedding caterer, who can also do your wedding cake.

Wedding venue budget hacks

As much as an unprofessional supplier can make you have regrated on your wedding day, so can a wedding venue that lacks professionalism and transparency.

Luckily, there are hacks for wedding venue costs, too, but choosing the right wedding venue is important!

Pro Tip: Use the 43-page wedding venue workbook I have included in the Wedding Planner to help you find your perfect venue that suits your needs (and your budget!).

23 | Book your own church

To save on ceremony venue costs, get married at your own church. Many churches will offer the venue at a lower fee, or even for free if you are a member.

24 | Choose local

To save on travel and accommodation costs, choose a local venue. Also, if you live in an average area (i.e. not a high-in-demand wedding area/destination), venues can actually be cheaper.

25 | Book out of season

We have briefly covered this at #20, but if you marry out of season, your venue can be way cheaper. However, consider the type of venue and its main attractions before you choose. For example, Cathedral Peak Hotel in South Africa may cost the same during Winter, because the snow on the Drakensberg Mountains makes a desirable wedding feature.

Pro Tip: Make sure you plan everything you need in terms of a venue – your venue vision, budget, accommodation, rental items, and more. The wedding venue workbook (editable) comes in addition to the Wedding Planner and will help you with all your venue aspects.

26 | Check if your venue includes accommodation in the final amount

Find a venue that doesn’t include accommodation, especially if you don’t need it. Many venues that provide accommodation force you to book it in addition to your venue costs. More often than not, it can be more expensive than other accommodation in the area.

27 | Choose a venue with plenty of in-house decor

Find a venue with lots of in-house decor to choose from. It will save you money by providing all the things you need to complete your wedding look, so you won’t have to hire it somewhere else.

28 | Transform a basic venue

Go for a basic venue, then transform it into the wedding look you want for your special day. When you transform a basic venue into a breathtaking one, you can easily cut costs on decor, and make it as minimalist or maximalist as you like…

29 | Have a garden wedding

There’s nothing wrong with a garden wedding! Some of the most intimate and romantic weddings took place in someone’s garden. You will save massively on venue costs, especially if you know someone with a spectacular garden which will make for pretty photos.

30 | Have a breakfast wedding

Another way to save big is to plan a breakfast wedding. The venue costs may be cheaper in terms of food, decor, and setup fees.


Wedding guests budget hacks

Yes, times have definitely changed, and more brides focus on an intimate guest list rather than an over the top style wedding.

That being said, no matter how small your guest list may be, the people you want to invite still need to be managed and paid for.

Pro Tip: Manage your guest count, guest list, details, dietary requirements, seating, and more with the sheets I have included in the editable Wedding Planner.

31 | It's not a reunion

I definitely want to remind you that your wedding is not a reunion! If you want to invite people you haven’t seen in years, then save money by getting them off your list, immediately!

If you’re unsure who you need to take off, here are 13 people you need to leave off your wedding guest list…

32 | Decide if you want kids at your wedding

If it is a big deal to you, you can visit the “no children at your wedding” factor – especially if you’re a very young couple. Children will cost an extra underplate, wedding favor, welcome drink, etc. And if you have a kiddies table, it can be even more costly.

However, many venues make food cheaper for the kids and will give them burgers and chips, instead of allowing them to dish up from the buffet.

Pro Tip: To make your wedding with kids more manageable, have a kiddies section or a table where they can sit at. Keep them busy with a kids wedding activity book – like the one I have added in the wedding planner templates.

33 | Give cheaper wedding favors

Another way to save even more on your guests is by having cheap wedding favors. Opt for chocolates or smaller gifts with a tiny “thank you” tag attached to them.

34 | Don't give favors

You may even have no favors at all. You’re already feeding them, setting a table for them, and trying to convince them to have a good time!

35 | Have a buffet option

When it comes to feeding your wedding guests, have a buffet menu. This is the most cost-effective way to make sure they eat enough food and don’t head to a take-out restaurant afterward.

36 | Watch out for extras!

Things like lawn games, photo booths, entertainment and lounging furniture – all in the name of keeping your guests happy – will bump up your wedding expenses.

Food + drinks budget hacks

Good food, wine, and music is what make most weddings memorable. But, it can also be a very costly aspect of your wedding, especially if you want more exclusive options.

Pro Tip: Plan out all the catering for your wedding with the sheets included in the editable Wedding Planner.

37 | Compare menu options

If you have a large wedding, should you choose a buffet or a plated menu? Definitely buffet! But for smaller weddings, you should definitely compare the price per plate, versus having a buffet for, say, 60 people.

38 | Choose in-house catering

Try to find a venue that provides in-house catering – as this can be cheaper than hiring a catering company. However, it depends on which food you want to serve to your guests. For instance, a pizza buffet or a build-a-burger can work out way cheaper, if that’s your style.

39 | Offer affordable welcome drinks

If you plan on having welcome drinks, don’t go for fancy wedding drinks such as signature cocktails and expensive champagne.

84 greatest wedding hacks for the frugal bride-save money on drinks

40 | Cash bar vs. open bar

When it comes to deciding on the type of liquor and bar hire for your wedding, choose a cash bar for wedding guests. To make them feel content, you can give them a complimentary welcome drink and champagne.

41 | Factor in canapes for cocktail hour

Most couples forget to budget for this, but during cocktail hour, when you and your new husband are off taking photos in the sunset, it will be wise to serve refreshments to your guests to avoid them becoming irritable. Consider a harvest table or canapés – whichever is cheapest for the number of wedding guests you have.

42 | Limit liquor options at the open bar

If you have an open bar set up for your wedding guests, make sure you don’t include any hard liquor for an open bar. That’s where it becomes quite expensive, especially if guests are ordering their favorite vintage ports and scotch whiskeys…

43 | Limit the wines on tables

You should definitely have wine and bubbly at your wedding – even if many of your friends aren’t big wine drinkers – it just makes your wedding seem more celebratory. However, choose table wines and champagne wisely – don’t go for two whites and two reds per table, plus champagne, plus juice, etc. Make it easier for yourself and let your guests get it from the bar.

Pro Tip: Be sure to discuss wine options with your caterer or venue, as well as meny options. I have included all tehe relevant sheets for this in the editable WeVdding Planner templates.

Wedding cake budget hacks

What is a wedding without cake? Even if it can become quite expensive, there are some hacks to make it fit right into your budget!

Pro Tip: Plan out your wedding cake vision, inpiration, and costs with the cake worksheets I’ve included in the massive editable Wedding Planner.

44 | Consider a wedding cake alternative

Since everyone wants a very unique wedding nowadays, you have the full right to opt for wedding cake alternatives! You can get quite creative: doughnuts, rice krispie cakes dipped in chocolate, giant chocolate fountain…

45 | Buy cake/s at the grocery store

A store bought cake is cheaper than a wedding bakery cake – because the wedding bakery actually specializes in wedding cakes. Artisan skills are just more expensive. But, If you buy a few cakes with plain white icing only, you can do a cake table display (see next tip).

46 | DIY wedding cake for the win!

Create a DIY wedding cake display table by buying plain white or naked cakes from the supermarket, and then placing your cakes on different stands and heights on a rustic table. Decorate them with some of your wedding flowers + fresh berries and strawberries on and around the cakes.

47 | Do a dessert table

If you don’t want a massive wedding cake, but still want to feed your guests something sweet, consider having a dessert buffet instead. Ask your venue if they can organize something like this from their in-house kitchen.

48 | Choose a candy buffet option

You can also consider doing a candy buffet, instead. But, if you want to save money, do only a candy buffet. No cake, no desserts and no wedding favors. Guests can then help themselves to candy which can double as favors. Match the candies to your wedding colors, place them in beautiful jars and on plates, and include a special “thank you” message on each packet.

Pro Tip: smaller packets mean guests can’t load up on candy too much, so you don’t need a ton of different treats.

49 | Choose buttercream over fondant

A note on decorating wedding cakes: buttercream frosting is way cheaper than fondant. Buttercream contains butter, confectioner’s sugar, and optional coloring and flavoring. Fondant requires more ingredients and is trickier to make. If you order a wedding cake from a bakery, make sure you choose buttercream instead. Plus, it just tastes better than fondant. Bonus!

50 | Use real flowers instead of sugar paste

The art of sugar flowers is a very specific talent, with lots of skill and practice going into it. That’s why sugar flowers, or sugar paste flowers, are more expensive than actual flowers for your wedding cake. Also, sugar flowers can easily seem old-fashioned if done in a certain way, whereas actual flowers are more natural, romantic, and earthy. You can also use editable flowers, too.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a clear vision for your cake, and find some ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. A wedding cake can also be quite expensive, so make sure to budget for it properly – the sheets I have included in the editable Wedding Planner will help with this.

Wedding dress and attire budget hacks

Another great expense for your wedding is the dress, along with other outfits and wedding wear.

So it’s only natural that there should be a few hacks for these, too…

Pro Tip: Save yourself the headache of spending additional costs on wedding wear by planning properly – research your ideal dress style, shape and fabric. Work out your budget for each garment, fittings and alterations. Take proper measurements – these things are super important, that is why I have included plenty of worksheets for this part of the planning process in the editable Wedding Planner.

Let’s take a look at some hacks…

51 | Consider a previously owned dress

There is nothing wrong with buying a previously worn wedding dress. Especially if it is simply a beautiful wedding dress! Previously owned, or worn, dresses are cheaper than a brand new wedding dress.

52 | Shop sales

Never underestimate a sale! Sample-sales and pop-up shops are gold mines. Shop around a bit, before you buy!

53 | The LBD is now the LWD!

You can choose a different kind of white dress – it doesn’t have to be a Kate Middleton-style princess dress. You can find beautiful white dresses at vintage shops, or even at H&M, especially if you’re an extremely down-to-earth bride.

54 | Rent vs. buy...

Renting versus buying your wedding dress is definitely the best way to save money if you can find the right shops that provide this service.

55 | Shop your perfect size

You can save money on tailoring costs if you choose a dress that already fits. These tiny costs add up in the end, so you can save a lot by just following this hack. (Also, don’t choose a dress that is too small, and think you’ll just lose weight to fit in it!)

Pro Tip: The most important aspect of your dress shopping is the measurements. And not just the usual measurements of bust, hips, thighs and height. If you’re opting for a dress with sleeves, you’ll need 3 different arm measurements, too… A comprehensive set of measurements sheets, as well as dress vision, fitting, and style sheets, are included in the Wedding Planner for you and your bridesmaids!

56 | Veil vs. no veil...

Wedding veils are quite pricey, especially if you want one similar to Megan Markle’s – with the cathedral length and the hand-embroidered trimming… If you’re not too attached to the veil, you can leave it off. Or, you can replace it with a floral crown, or fascinator.

57 | Something borrowed...

Save even more by rather borrowing accessories from your female entourage – Bonus: it can be your “something borrowed”!

58 | Combine the age-old tradition into one piece

Try to combine your “old, new, borrowed, blue” by asking family members and friends to help you out. You can also combine old with borrowed, and new with blue. Or combine old with borrowed and blue. Then just get something new… If you really have your heart set on the age-old tradition…


Wedding party budget hacks

The wedding party, for most brides, is an essential part of their wedding. Whether it’s for traditional reasons or wanting to have your best friends closest to you on your big day, a lot of planning and expenses go into this.

Pro Tip: Besides managing their roles and duties, you’ll need to plan other things for your wedding party such as their outfits and attire, speeches, and so on. In their turn, they have to plan you and your groom’s bachelorette’s and bachelor’s parties, as well as the bridal shower. Everything needed for these aspects is included in my massive editable Wedding Planner.

Let’s have a look at some wedding party hacks…

59 | Let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses

A great wedding expense when it comes to your bridal party, is your bridesmaids’ wear and attire. Especially if you want them to all look the same. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses is such a gorgeous trend: Stick to a single color palette or shades of the same color and let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses.

Pro tip: Use paint swatches as a guideline and give one to each bridesmaid to use when they go shopping.

60 | Let them buy their own accessories

To save even more on their outfits, let them get their own accessories to style their look with for your wedding day. The groomsmen can pay for their own shoes, for example.

61 | Accessories to double as a bridesmaid gift

Another great tip is to let their accessories double as a traditional bridesmaid’s gift. You then have control over what they choose to accessorize with, and you can even let all of them match. There’s no need to splurge on an extra gift, then. (The same goes for the groomsmen: give them something they can wear on the wedding, which also doubles as a gift)

62 | Let them pay for their own accommodation and transport

Your bridal party members should pay for their own accommodation and transport, especially if you’re already paying for everything else for them. Bridal party costs can add up significantly. If you’re on a tight budget, tackle the larger expenses first, wherever you can…

63 | Use simple bouquets and boutonnieres

Since these are only for the ceremony and photoshoot afterward, you can use basic, simple flowers for bouquets and boutonnieres. Make it look romantic by using wildflowers or go even smaller by using greenery and adding a few pieces of Baby’s Breath.

64 | Use bouquet and boutonniere alternatives

Do some research on alternatives to bouquets and boutonnieres. Pinterest has so many innovative ideas on how you can tweak your wedding – so start with your bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Replace expensive blooms with paper versions, use actual buttons and findings/beads/charms in the boutonnieres. You can get very creative with this!

Wedding stationery budget hacks

A lot of planning can go into your wedding stationery and invitations, especially if you want the entire suite.

Luckily, costs can be cut significantly in this part of the wedding budget, simply by going digital!

Pro Tip: Even if you’re going to go digital with most of your wedding stationery items, you still need to plan and budget for it. The stationery planner sheets I have included in the editable Wedding Planner will help you with this.

Let’s have a look at some wedding stationery hacks…

65 | Choose modern or metellic foil press over original letterpress

If you want your printed wedding invitations to look elegant without spending a fortune, choose metallic foil press instead of original letterpress. Original letterpress is extremely expensive because a template is made specifically for your wedding day and cannot be changed. This is how copies were printed back in the day and are now considered a form of art.

Pro tip: The best place to order metallic foil press wedding stationery online is Minted. (They have modern letterpress, too!)

66 | Order stationery online

To save money on wedding invitations, there are so many places you can order your stationery online. Minted and Etsy are two great places to shop!

67 | Don't send out save-the-dates

You can also save money on wedding stationery by not sending out save-the-dates. Simply send out a special note or image via e-mail or message, to let your future wedding guests know which date for your wedding they should keep open.

Pro tip: Make a special video for your save-the-dates and send it out to loved ones.

68 | Choose a free wedding website

Don’t forget to save a lot on your wedding budget by rather building a free wedding website. There are many to choose from, but my favorite is the easy-to-use one provided by The Knot. Completely free of charge! (Runner up: Minted’s free wedding websites with matching stationery)

69 | Create your own faux calligraphy

Save money on handmade wedding stationery by skipping on the professional calligrapher. Create your own faux calligraphy by writing in a cursive hand, then going back and thickening all the down-strokes of each letter. Practice makes perfect! (search for some tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest)

70 | Skip the table menus

Cut down on table menus. Have a giant blackboard with the menu written on it instead, and place it where your wedding guests will see it. Or, you can leave the menus out completely and simply surprise them…

Pro Tip: Set menus and plated meals need an actual menu for guests to choose from, or to see what they’re going to eat – print one for each table, rather than placing a menu at each seat.

71 | Replace the escort cards with a seating plan

To save on stationery for your wedding reception, don’t print any escort cards. You can rather print a large seating plan and place it by the door of the reception hall, or, skip the table seating plan altogether and let your guests sit wherever they want to.

Pro Tip: Plan your seating plan, charts, and layouts with the templates provided in the Wedding Planner

72 | Don't print ceremony programs

We have mentioned the unnecessary printing of ceremony programs before, but leaving them out really makes a huge difference.

Pro tip: Once your wedding website is ready and you have a ceremony schedule in place, you can always put it on there and share it with your guests. That way, everyone receives a virtual ceremony program.

Wedding ceremony and reception budget hacks

Your reception is more expensive than your ceremony, with the food, music, venue hire, and so on. But, both will cost you money.

Also, these two aspects of your wedding will take up the most effort and planning on your part, so make sure you cover everything from the music, flowers, decor, traditions, and more…

The editable wedding planner that I have designed combines all the things you need to plan your dream wedding, including ceremony and reception worksheets, and a comprehensive venue workbook, among other things.

Let’s see what hacks you can use to save money on your ceremony and reception.

73 | Use the same venue for both

To start off, host your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Normally, if your ceremony is held somewhere else, you will have to pay an additional venue fee there, too. Also, a wedding venue’s ceremony area will probably be beautiful already. If you get married at a church, for example, you will still have to bring in additional decor.

74 | Go for the naked-chair-and-table look

A look that is still very much on-point, is the naked chair and table look. Tablecloths and chair covers are out! However, you can still make it look softer by having table runners and chair ribbons. Or make it whimsical by using greenery and simple flowers everywhere, instead.

75 | Use the venue's decor

Renting additional decor items will add up, so rather use what the venue provides in terms of decor and linen. A good venue will usually have a few in-house items that can be used, and more often than not, it is included in the venue hire fee.

76 | Ribbon is still in...

Replace expensive flowers or draping on arches and pillars, by rather dressing it up with ribbon. Be creative and use your wedding colors, or make it look elegant with a white ribbon.

Budget hacks for wedding stuff

Wedding “stuff” can accumulate on your wedding budget, and in the end, it’s where all the costs start adding up…

Make sure you plan out all the big-ticket items for your wedding first and then focus on the small things and little details – the wedding stuff.

Pro Tip: All your wedding details can be planned with the over 530 sheets provided in the editable wedding planner.

77 | Eco-friendly wedding things are better...

If you’re going to hire additional items for your wedding, go for eco-friendly wedding trends such as bamboo cutlery and plates, etc. It is much more affordable.

78 | Ditch the confetti

Revisit the idea of confetti at your wedding. Confetti costs extra, and you can easily replace it with something more natural such as eucalyptus leaves or left-over flowers and greenery which you haven’t used in floral arrangements.

79 | The "extras" is where you make the cut

To save money on all of the small things, make sure you cut on all the extras. Once you have the basics covered, such as food, review your wedding budget again. Cut through any additional stuff and “nice-to-haves” for your wedding. Any money left from your wedding budget can always be used on your honeymoon, or go towards your new home together…

80 | To DIY, or not to DIY? That is the question. 🙂

You can create many things for your wedding day, but you should know the facts about diy weddings. Sometimes, you will find that the stuff you buy to diy your wedding will work out more expensive than getting the real thing. Also, you might think that you want 1001 paper cranes. Until you find how long it takes to actually fold them. And then you run out of time…

81 | Wedding favors, or no?

There are two types of weddings: One with wedding favors, and one without wedding favors. The “no-wedding-favors” option is still up for debate, as it is tradition to give something to your guests as a thank you gift. If you feel you have already spent so much on your wedding guests, you can happily leave the favors out. Or, go for cheaper wedding favors, such as homemade goodies, or edible stuff.

82 | Urban vs. rural weddings

If you’re unsure which is cheaper, do your research on urban vs. rural weddings. Urban weddings are most likely more expensive, especially if you want to get married in a well-known city, such as New York or Cape Town. On the flip side, rural weddings can become expensive once you have to transport everything there, and your suppliers start charging traveling and accommodation fees. It all depends on how basic or elaborate you want your wedding to be…

Pro tip: Cut traveling costs for suppliers by choosing ones that are in close range to the venue as possible. Save on accommodation fees by having your wedding closer to home, or closer to an area where most of your family or friends will be. Also, make it easier for everyone to travel, by choosing a central point between all the cities.

83 | How far will you go to make your wedding guests happy?

I just had to ask this question, because many brides want to go above and beyond to “spoil and treat” their wedding guests. When really, the wedding day is actually about the happy couple! Guests should be content with good food and good music… If you want to spend excessive money on entertainment and guest expenses, make sure you have the budget for it.

84 | One final question: Are you willing to stick to tradition?

Tradition costs money. Do you have any idea how much a traditional fruit cake costs? Or having a pristine white wedding dress? What about a wedding car or horse and carriage? Or a limousine? Traditional gifts for the wedding party, a cathedral-length veil, or even an extra bouquet to toss, because yours is too heavy? Yes, all of these cost money.

Ask yourself which traditions you want to keep, and which ones to cut or replace with something new and inexpensive.

84 Greatest Wedding Hacks for the Frugal Bride

by Tanya Guilfoyle

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya has been an active contributor and planner in the wedding industry since 2016. When not writing useful content for brides and wedding professionals, she can be found designing templates for her Etsy shop, TWCprintables