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Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

The ultimate guide to wedding flowers and their meanings   Ever wondered why celebrities and some brides are very specific about what flowers they choose for their wedding? It might partially be because of how the colors of the flowers fit into their color scheme and wedding style, but also because flowers have special meanings. I don’t mean the sentimental kind, you know, like how someone loves yellow roses because it reminds them of someone special… Flowers have official meanings to them.  

Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

  For example: let’s decipher the meaning of the flowers in Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet: Lily of the Valley | Sweetness & Humility Myrtle | The Emblem for Marriage & Eternal Love HyacinthFertility & Constant Love Sweet William | Gallantry & Masculinity Ivy | Friendship & Continuity  
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
  How special is that? I have created a list of the most commonly used wedding flowers and their meanings and I started with roses, which are probably the most commonly used flowers at a wedding. I have also included a list of other flowers which is also commonly used. Enjoy!  


Although the overall meaning of roses is love, passion and affection, each colored rose also has different meanings. White | Farewell; New Beginnings; Respect; Purity Pink | Thank You; Love; Gratitude; Admiration; Gentleness Red | Romance; Love; Beauty; Passion Yellow | Friendship; Care; Optimism; Empathy; Sympathy Orange | Thank You; Congratulations; Friendship; Love Blue | Love; Prosperity; Immortality Green | Fertility; Richness; Prosperity; Abundance Purple | Enchantment; Magnetism; Charm Brown | Intimacy; Romance; Masculinity    


These are the most commonly used lilies at weddings and other special occasions. They also include the lovely, striped Stargazer Lily. White | Purity; Virgin Mary; Christianity Red | Passion; Marriage; Engagement Yellow | Health; Prosperity Pink | Encouragement; Ambition Orange | Passion    

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Calla Lilies

These type of flowers are also classified as lilies, but they have different meanings to each color as well.  Notice that the Calla Lily has a more masculine look to it than the Stargazer Lilies above. Yellow & Orange | Growth; Joy; Change Light Blue & Lavender | Beauty; Grace Pink | Flirting; Admiration Dark Purple | Strength; Royalty Dark Red | Intensity; Passion    

Other Common Wedding Flowers

This is a limited list of other flowers. They are the most commonly used, but you may find other flowers present at weddings which may not be in this list. Lily-of-the-Valley | Sweetness; Humility; Purity White and Yellow Daffodils | Spring; Rebirth; New Beginnings Dahlia | Change; New Beginnings; Grace; Kindness; Commitment Gardenia | Dreams; Protection; Trust Baby’s Breath | Innocence; Everlasting Love Peony | Honor; Wealth; Riches Tulip | Passion; Love; Affection Gerbera Daisy | Purity; Joy; Spring Orchid | Beauty; Charm; Thoughtfulness Morning Glory | Mortality; Love in Vain Forget-Me-Not | Fidelity; Undying Love; Care; Remembrance Columbine | Winning; Hope; Association with Aphrodite Frangipani | Spiritual Connection; Strength; Welcome Protea | Courage; Transformation; Diversity Bird of Paradise | Royalty; Faithfulness; Magnificence Hydrangea | Honesty; Prosperity; Abundance Delphinium | Openness; Celebration; Reaching of Goals Snapdragon | Strength; Grace Iris | Royalty; Wisdom; Valor Aster | Patience; Elegance Wisteria | Good Luck; Affection; Devotion; Spring; Birth Gladiolas | Perseverance; Strength; Infatuation Carnation | Distinction; Fascination; Love  

by Tanya Guilfoyle

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya has been an active contributor and planner in the wedding industry since 2016. When not writing useful content for brides and wedding professionals, she can be found designing templates for her Etsy shop, TWCprintables