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16 Questions to ask yourself before you become a wedding planner

16 Questions to ask yourself before you become a wedding planner


Being a wedding planner is one of the most rewarding career choices one could make. But it is not for anyone…


As with any rewarding job where you work with people, you need a certain type of skill set and personality.


And wedding planning is one of the most demanding jobs out there, along with any type of event planning career.


So, before you make any drastic career decision like becoming a wedding or events planner, you need to ask yourself a few questions. We have selected some of the top questions for you, so read on…


16 Questions to ask yourself before you become a wedding planner


  1. Do you have the right resources?

By resources, we mean do you have a car, a phone and probably a laptop or access to one.


You will need to travel to and from meetings, weddings, venues, etc. and most likely you will have to transport some goods such as flowers, decor items or even the wedding cake! It will be way more expensive to hire a car and expecting wedding couples to fork out transport fees from courier companies and suppliers is a bit unrealistic.


A phone is needed, so that potential customers can reach you. You should really be just a phone call away…


Having access to the internet via a laptop or a smartphone is essential to running a business in today’s age. You need to promote your business and be accessible through e-mails and social media. It is also a way for you to display your work so that people can see what exactly you have to offer.


True, you can probably run a wedding planning business from home, and through the internet. But most clients prefer hands on planners for their special events.


You will also feel more accomplished knowing that you have physically contributed to the success of an event or a wedding…


  1. Do you have the stamina?

There is no easier way of saying this: you need the stamina to be a wedding planner.


It is great physical labor and at least 15 hours on your feet on the day of the wedding!


Until you have worked your way up to a profitable business and can afford to pay a team to help you, you are going to do all of the heavy lifting.


And imagine: some venues don’t have an easily accessible drop off or pickup point and you have to park your car far away from the reception or ceremony area. You will have to walk a few times between your car and the venue, carrying goods.


If you are not used to this kind of job, you might struggle greatly in the beginning… Sore feet and ankles are inevitable!


  1. How well developed are your social skills?

You cannot expect to land clients in general, if you are too scared to speak to people.


This is a skill that can be developed, but it helps if you are already well spoken or have great social skills.


The best way to speak to potential clients is by having enthusiasm, believing in your own capabilities to make their day a success and to speak professionally… You need to speak with confidence and poise, because that is what clients who can afford a wedding planner expects.


  1. Are you tech savvy?

I have heard of so many wedding planners who are not tech savvy. No Facebook, no e-mail, no website – and my first thought is: “Do they even know how many potential clients they are missing out on?”


If you are not really clued up with online marketing or promoting your stuff on social media, then it is time to learn… There are so many courses and videos on YouTube that you can watch to accomplish this.


The other reason why you need to be tech savvy, is because of images. You probably already have a smartphone that can take photos, so make use of it. Photos of what you do is the best marketing tool out there – this is how you promote your work and how you can show clients what you do.


  1. How well do you know the social media world?

As we already discussed in number 4, you are missing out greatly on potential clients if you dont promote yourself on social media. Make use of at least one platform, such as Facebook.


There are so many ways to promote your work and business on social media, and the best way to learn is by watching some YouTube videos on this, or by looking to Pinterest for some guidance.


To promote your stuff on Facebook, be sure to create a Facebook Page for your business, where you can include a description, photos, contact details, etc.


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  1. Can you negotiate?

Not many people in the industry will admit to this, but negotiating is one of the key skills you need to master to be a successful wedding planner.


And also, not many people have this skill…


But to make serious money for yourself as a wedding planner – and to avoid breaking even, you need to be able to make deals with suppliers. Truthfully, this happens when you have been a wedding planner for some time and suppliers are getting to know you more.


  1. Are you organized?

Being organized is another cornerstone skill that you need to have to be a successful wedding planner. The only way in which you will be able to handle all of the wedding planning aspects of a wedding, or more than one wedding, is by being an organized person.


You cannot make notes and throw them into a pile, or try to memorize something important that someone tells you over the phone…


If you are organized, everything will flow much easier and your weddings will all be successful!


  1. Are you punctual?

If you show up when you are supposed to, or even 15 minutes earlier than that, then you can consider wedding planning as a career.


Just being on time for everything helps a lot, and that includes meetings, setups at venues or showing up on the actual wedding day.


Don’t ever be late for anything, because your clients will then consider you as unprofessional. Be there, get things done!


  1. Are you professional?

You might have noticed that professionalism is the main topic if this post. The golden thread between all of these questions – and for good reason!


A professional wedding planner is a succesful wedding planner…


If you are not being professional, you will not get the clients you want or need to run a successful wedding planning business.


Being professional means to dress, speak and act professionally. Avoid dressing the wrong way, swearing or making weak jokes and acting childish…


  1. How well do you cope with stressed out people?

Weddings are stressful events in everyone’s life, and there are bound to be someone who gets stressed out on or before the wedding day. And that might not just be the bride or even just one person…


You need to be able to handle the stressful situation like a natural. It will not help if you are stressed out too, and if you are, don’t show it!


Keep everyone calm and keep in control. Someone who is stressed out needs to be assured that everything will fall into place and that the wedding will be a huge success. Be the person who can provide that assurance.


  1. How well do you function under pressure?

And on another note, how well can you cope in stressful situations?


You need to be able to keep calm and remain in control of any situation, because if you stress, everyone else will also stress.


And like we mentioned at number 10, if you stress – don’t show it!


  1. Can you market yourself effectively?

We have already discussed that you should be able to market yourself on social media, be tech savvy, etc. But will you be able to market yourself as a wedding planner effectively, in person?


Again, you will need to show that you believe in your product and service and that you have the confidence and enthusiasm to handle any wedding coming your way. Naturally, if people see that type of confidence, they are more likely to hire you or recommend you to a friend or someone they know.


That is why networking events are super important. If you cannot find a social opportunity to network, then organize one and get those business cards ready!


You can also look on Meetup for network events and workshops in your area or close by.


  1. Do you know how to research?

Staying up to date with the latest wedding trends and ideas is part of the job of being a wedding planner – and you will have to know where to look…


We can already tell you that browsing Pinterest is not enough… Sorry.


You will have to know where else to look for trends, inspiration and ideas. You need some research skills here because you will have to identify trustworthy sources and information applicable to your wedding niche (market).


You can also look what your competition is up to by visiting their websites or by Googling other wedding planners in your area. Facebook is also a great way to see what others are up to – simply use the Facebook search box.


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  1. Can you afford to give up luxury time?

The sad reality of this job is that you will be working when most other people are off. Saturdays are when most weddings take place, and what do your friends and family members do on a Saturday? Exactly.


This is a deal breaker for most people when they decide to become a wedding planner – especially those who have partners or children. Or, they have other responsibilities during weekends.


Also, most wedding couples have a full time job. Your meetings with them might only take place after work – which is what? 5pm? 6pm? And these meetings can be an hour long, minimum.


If you are still young, and have no after hour responsibilities or demanding friends and family… Then wedding planning is the perfect career for you.


  1. Do you have a demanding family?

This falls in at number 14… A demanding family can also be a factor when you have to make this massive career decision…


Maybe you have a large family with lots of birthdays, weddings, baby showers, hen parties, graduation ceremonies, etc. Think of all the special events you might miss because of being at someone else’s wedding or event which you have planned.


This is a huge sacrifice that you will have to make. And if you are really good at what you do, imagine being fully booked for 3 months, for example…


Also, it is not enough to say that you will only be available on weekends that doesn’t require family time – is it going to be profitable for your business? What about unexpected family events? What will you do on holiday weekends, when a lot of weddings take place?


Think about it, before you make your decision to become a wedding planner.


  1. Are you innovative and creative?

Many brides want their wedding to be one-of-a-kind/unique/the wedding of the year! That means that you cannot only resort to Pinterest for ideas. Unless you are going to change those ideas up a bit.


You need to be creative and innovative at almost every wedding, because not a single wedding is exactly the same.


And what if a bride’s idea is not exactly possible. Like having every color of tulip in her bouquet and it is in the middle of Summer… What will you do to make this happen? Because saying to a hopeful Bride that “it is not possible” will make her run in the other direction as fast as possible.


Think of how you will handle a challenge like this…


Being creative and innovative is part of the job!


by Tanya Guilfoyle

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya has been an active contributor and planner in the wedding industry since 2016. When not writing useful content for brides and wedding professionals, she can be found designing templates for her Etsy shop, TWCprintables