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The Ultimate Guide to Dancing at a Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Dancing at a Wedding
The ultimate guide to dancing at a wedding  

Don’t let nobody put you in the corner! No one expects you to pull out a fancy Latin-American style dance at someone’s wedding (though that will be quite entertaining), but it will be satisfying to be able to put two feet together. Here’s a crash course on dancing at a wedding.


So you think you can’t dance? The best solution to this problem – since all eyes will be on you – get ballroom dancing lessons. (A bonus will be that you get to spend more time with the groom and, it is a great stress reliever). It is worth spending money on.


The Ultimate Guide to Dancing at a Wedding


The First Dance

This is the most important dance at the wedding. Even if you don’t make the best impression in the history of weddings, this is one of the most sacred moments between the newlyweds. According to Wikipedia, the first dance was never given any special moment or attention back in the early 1900’s. All of the guests will dance and the newly married couple will simply dance with one another before changing to other partners. Luckily, weddings became more and more all about the couple – which is how it should be!   Choose your wedding song carefully. If it is a sentimental song to both of you, consider it. If you don’t have a song, there are many popular first dance songs available. For instance, popular choices for first dance songs include songs from Christina Perri (A Thousand Years), Train (Marry Me) and Ed Sheeran (Thinking Out Loud).   If you want to learn how to dance the first dance, you can either attend dancing lessons, or you can watch YouTube videos about instructions to dancing. (Small budget idea)  

Father & Daughter dance

This is another special moment in which the bride dances with her father. Again, lessons can be taken or watched on YouTube.  

Mother & Son dance

The same goes for this dance. It is a special moment in which the Groom and his mother dances together. See the link above for popular songs.  

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Other dances

  The guests will obviously take the floor after the first dance or the F&D dance, then the party starts! From here on forward, any type of dance will suffice.  

New Trend: Coordinated dance

Since we are in times where traditions have changed or completely fell away, people have decided to perform coordinated dances at their wedding. Coordinated dances or routines have been practiced over and over beforehand, for the big day.  

1. A surprise from the Bride & Groom

2. The bride and her bridesmaids surprise the guests

3. A gift from the Bride’s brothers

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4. The Surprise Father & Daughter Dance (Our favorite!)

5. The Surprise Flash Mob

6. Entering the church (you know this wedding is going to be fun!)


by Tanya Guilfoyle

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