The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Decor

  Décor 101. This is the fun part of wedding planning. It is a chance to get in touch with your creative side and to be innovative – no one likes “cookie cutter” weddings. Like the purple and silver wedding – I have been to at least four of them. So, here you get to […]

Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

  Ever wondered why celebrities and some brides are very specific about what flowers they choose for their wedding? It might partially be because of how the colors of the flowers fit into their color scheme and wedding style, but also because flowers have special meanings. I don’t mean the sentimental kind, you know, like […]

All you need to know about the Harry Potter Wedding Theme

  This one is especially for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Movie themed weddings have taken the industry by storm a few years back already. There are plenty of ideas for each type of theme. The newest theme may be the Game of Thrones one…   Us mere muggles have always fantasized about having […]

19+ Ways to save money on your wedding

    We are currently experiencing another penny-pinching phase when it comes to the economy, so more and more people are looking for ways to save when working out their wedding budgets. There are only so much to cut out of the budget, but what about ways to cut around the “budget cuts” (wink)? Here is a […]