For the Groom: You are super important!

For the Groom You are super important!

This page includes affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might make a small commission if you decide to buy something. You can read my full disclosure here.   With all of the wedding do’s and hassles that go along with it, the focus is normally on the bride. So it is only […]

The Ultimate Guide to Dancing at a Wedding

  Don’t let nobody put you in the corner! No one expects you to pull out a fancy Latin-American style dance at someone’s wedding (though that will be quite entertaining), but it will be satisfying to be able to put two feet together. Here’s a crash course on dancing at a wedding.   So you […]

Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

  Ever wondered why celebrities and some brides are very specific about what flowers they choose for their wedding? It might partially be because of how the colors of the flowers fit into their color scheme and wedding style, but also because flowers have special meanings. I don’t mean the sentimental kind, you know, like […]

The 12 Most Romantic Love Quotes to use in your Vows

  Your wedding vows should be personal and romantic, yes… but even if you don’t have writers block when writing it down, it is not really wrong to quote anyone else in your vows. Especially if it is about love… Here are some of the most incredible, awe-inspiring, romantic love quotes of all time. Note: […]